22 July 2013 @ 02:27 pm
I've really grown accustomed to this place, believe it or not. As mundane as my daily activities seem to be...

[Giorno seems a little bored, really, seeing as how he's resting his head on his hand as he's sitting in a chair.]

...but I will admit, that the events taking place are quite...interesting. The residents manage to impress me every day, really. [The way he says it makes it sound like he's actually not too impressed with what's been going on lately, but hey, he's usually expressionless anyway. Nevertheless, Giorno stands up, pacing back and forth.]

This reminds me of the events that transpired back at home- after all, I was part of a group that broke out against the main faction. [And the leader of that, no doubt- but he wasn't going to say that unless someone were to pry into that. Let alone talk to him about it.] But tell me, have you ever rebelled? Against a person, leader- whatever it may be. I need something to occupy my time in the mean time.
22 July 2013 @ 09:23 am
I need some assistance with acquiring a set of fighting fans - they'll only be used for defense and monster-fighting when the administration feels the need to take away our powers. I'd like a set of metal ones with either sharpened edges or hidden blades.

I've been told by Diarmuid Ua Duibhne that I should speak to a Thorin Oakenshield about this? I'm not sure where I'd get the metal, but I trust both of you on this one.

There's...something else.

[And she takes a deep breath.]

People with violet collars are quite possibly in for some trouble, because unless something happened after I -

[The long pause is probably telling. Yes, she died.]

- I failed to stop him from taking it, there's a tank of your collar fluid in Sephiroth's hands. It's probably fairly obvious what I mean by 'failed'. Considering he's not above either mind control or killing other people, I don't really think I have to say a lot more.

filtered to the Investigation Team, Commander Shepard, and Diarmuid Ua Duibhne )

private to Ryoji Mochizuki )
20 July 2013 @ 04:49 pm
[The first thing people will likely notice when the feed turns on is a young girl. She has a smile on her face, but it's not hard to figure out she's trying to hide her sorrow.]

Hello! My name is Wendy, and this is my first time here! I hope we can get along!

[Though she continues trying to smile, it's apparent that she can't keep up such a façade much longer.]

Anyway, um... Is it really true that our worlds have been destroyed? I mean, it's really hard to believe that that's the case, but...

[She takes a deep breath and exhales before continuing.]

If that really is the case, does that mean whoever from our world is here at this time are the only survivors, or is it possible others from our worlds can arrive later? I really hope it's the latter...

Also, would someone mind telling me more about this place, if there is anything else besides what the letter had to say? Since I guess I'll be staying here for a while, I'd like to know as much about this place as possible.

[At this point, Wendy looks like she's about ready to cry, but does her best not to.]

Oh, and... If anyone's seen someone with this crest [She turns to the side so the Fairy Tail crest on her right shoulder can be seen.] could you please tell me?

[Though she hopes that, if any of her friends are here, they will see this feed, but better safe than sorry, right?

To wrap up the feed, Wendy gives a small bow.]

Thank you very much for listening!
20 July 2013 @ 11:33 am

[While seeming oddly distracted, there is a smile on Diarmuid's face when he addresses the Network.]

My thanks to all those who helped with making copies of the Tower Floor Guide in the library over the last few days. While I don't know how long the copies posted to the actual floors will last, hopefully we will more easily be able to keep copies in the libraries, cafeteria, and lounges so that when people need them, they can find them.  It probably goes without saying, but my thanks also goes out to those who have offered to watch and replenish the stacks should they get low.

As I mentioned in my last post, once the physical copies were made I wanted to put a copy of the guide onto the Network so that we have at least one permanent copy. That is what this post is for.

In the end, I decided to keep the presentation of the information simple so we could get in as much as possible. Anyone who looks over the guide and notices missing or incorrect information, please let me know by posting here.  Posts can be made anonymously since I know that the things these floors do to us are often very painful and personal in nature. I will update all information as soon as I can once it is posted.

Anyone who wishes to repost this information as new people arrive, please feel free to do so. I want it to be kept where as many people as possible can see it.  My thanks goes out to those who have volunteered to watch over this post to keep it from being tampered with.

Please feel free to contact me about the guide if there are any questions, comments, or concerns.  I can be reached through this post, my mailbox which is #0091, or by stopping by my room which is #4-16.

(OOC:  As mentioned in his other post, if anyone has questions about what can and cannot be done with the guide, please see this OOC Post.  Because of events that will happen in game after this post, while I will be tagging responses right away, please consider none of them having ICly come until late on the 21st/early on the 22nd.  Thanks!)
Memento mori- remember that you will die.

[Chidori's voice is quiet, somber as always, but there's a lack of the usual note of resignation in her voice, a spare bit of determination.]

I don't... make speeches, usually. And I haven't kept up with whatever you've all been saying here, so if someone has said this before...

[Feel free to ignore it, is the implication.]

In any case, the main thing to remember is that we're all going to die. Permanently, I suppose I should say- and it isn't that big a deal, in the grand scheme of things. We're not real, and I think by this point it should be obvious that the 'circumstances' under which we were supposedly brought here are a lie. Convoluted, well-crafted and well-enforced, but a lie nonetheless. I can only presume the dead versions of our worlds are programmed into us when we 'leave' and 'return', but that doesn't matter either. As I said, it doesn't matter that we will die...

But what will matter is what we each do before then.

So regardless of what they put us through, regardless of how we are 'punished'- because that's no more real than anything else, really- we have a year, right? The time I've had here is more than I was supposed to anyway- I've been ready to die for a long time.

So take my advice, and live so you won't have any regrets in the end.

After all, what's the point in holding anything back anymore?
18 May 2013 @ 10:24 pm
[Well, here's Kumagawa looking less than his usual chipper self. Whatever could be the matter? Certainly not the worry that his violet collar might be a timebomb, right?]

「Hey, everyone, a friendly poll from your neighborhood Kumagawa: of those of you with amazing super powers, gifts, magic, psychic abilities and all those amazing things, have any of you noticed them acting any differently since you arrived here? Please respond in 140 characters or less.」
13 May 2013 @ 11:40 am

[ There's a Hylian on your screen, Tower! You might recognize the blondie with elf ears, you might not--regardless, there's a smile. Though instead of speaking, there will be an accompanying text message, since Link's voice is still a little... rough. They've got a cute little tiny blue cucco in their arms that can be heard clucking on occassion, and there's a few things laid out on the Terminal table nearby. Jewelry, trinkets, to be precise. Some made of wood, some metal, some other things. They're simplistic, but fairly well-made. ]

Ah... good morning. I have a few things I would like to address... amongst what has been happening here of late. For those that are new, if I can assist you by answering what I know, I would be happy to. I am Link, it is nice to meet you. That out of the way... First of all, I would like to mention that if anyone would like music lessons or archery or sword training, I have been considering giving such, though I am not sure what exact system the others have set up for this recently, so if anyone would like to explain to me if there has been a change there, please let me know.

Second... I will be making very simple clothing and objects to wear down in the workshop if anyone would like something or has a request, as I know these things are scarce here. I am not the most skilled tailor, but I can make tunics and earrings and bracelets, as well as bows and arrows for anyone who is an archer, though if you would like to assist me in this task, I would not at all mind.

Finally, I would like to pose a small question: is there anyone here from a world where they are able to teach others magic? To be specific, I speak of healing magic; it is a skill I am certain I could learn with proper instruction, and I am finding after... last month, it would be nice to have on-hand.

[ Link will also be found on the workshop floor once they're done responding to this post, so if you'd like to go with action as a response, go right on ahead! ]
12 May 2013 @ 11:02 am
[Well well... this man seems rather amused as soon as he comes on to the video feed. He's smirking, a rather sadistic smile on his face, and there's simply one thing he wishes to address.]

....I return it seems, residents of the tower. How long was I gone for? I wonder I wonder...

[Aah but he can't contain his sanity for long, oh no! He's far too excited to be back.]

Come... I beg of you... let me hear it, let me see it, what kinds of screams will you all make, what kinds of struggles will you go through in this tower...?! I've missed it, oohh how I've missed seeing all of this! Ihihihuhahahah....! Do not disappoint me....!

[in other words, hello this wonderful being is back and ready for some fun.]

...One simple question however.... has anyone seen her....? I need to know- where is she, my master, the one that has accepted me... Beatrice? Do not keep me from her.
10 May 2013 @ 07:06 pm
[The network is happily greeted by the face of a young man with surprisingly golden hair staring into the screen. It's hard to guess what he's feeling right now, seeing as how he was given the news that his world was destroyed. However, that didn't seem to phase him much, so he's not as shocked as others might be. He's relieved to know that some of his possessions came with him, but...

Enough contemplation, he finally begins to speak up.]

A shame, isn't it? That our worlds are gone? It's nothing that I would have expected in the first place, seeing as it's a bit hard to believe. However, I'll have to put my trust into it that my world is actually gone. Needless to say, I'll be missing my partners over there- unless some of them were brought here, as well. If you've ever heard of a Guido Mista, or Trish Una, please contact me.

...ah, I suppose I should introduce myself in the meantime. My name is Giorno Giovanna, and I greet all of you who were taken to this "Tower". Hopefully time will tell if I enjoy this place, or not. The atmosphere is...undesirable, however. But I'm sure some of you might have gathered that much in time.

...also, if anyone is kind enough to show me around, I would be grateful to you. I need to learn about as much of this place as I can before I can truly adventure and claim certain parts as safe. Also, a bit off the subject, but have any of you heard of what a "Stand" is? If you have, then let me know. I have some...things I'll be needing of you.
10 May 2013 @ 07:29 pm
[A rather severe looking man in a black turtleneck addresses the network, oddly calm for someone who has just found out that his world was destroyed. He's a bit battered, having spent only a few moments on dressing and a hasty cleanup before heading for the nearest network terminal. There's quite a bit of dust in his hair, along with bruises and faint smears of what might be blood on his face and neck.]

My name is Howard Link. If there are any members of the Black Order present, please state your status and location. Anyone familiar with the facility, I would request your status as well. [Because last he checked? The station was pretty broken. Or well on it's way there, at least, and if he was pulled to this place? Well, there have to be others here.

He hesitates for a second or two before speaking again, glancing down briefly at something near the floor.]

... If there is anyone here familiar with the construction or repair of mechanical prosthetic limbs, please contact me at your earliest convenience.
21 December 2012 @ 01:27 pm
[...It seems as though someone that is not accustomed to such illnesses has come down with a nasty flu. The last couple of days he's just stayed in his room, tried to get warm with the blankets around him but it was no use. He didn't understand, he wasn't supposed to get sick.... can one that was never meant to exist even get sick?

On this particular day it's the same, but... something is definitely off about him.]

If anyone is in need of some assistance due to this.... [ah, what's a good word for it?] ...epidemic, tell me and I will help in any way possible.

[Wait, this wasn't right, he's completely evil and yet he's wanting to help people? Strange!]

Do not be afraid to ask, I'll do whatever I can.... [even though he's sick himself.]
05 November 2012 @ 01:52 pm
What do you think about death if it's not permanent? Is it really death?
01 November 2012 @ 10:56 am
[ When the feed turns on, there appears to be one Maya Fey, clearly surprised as a bunch of burgers start falling. It's enough to last a week, honestly. Since they did come from her home world.

But when she manages to regain composure, she's still freaking out slightly... ]

Uh, um... for anyone who met me while I was trying to eat them, I'm really sorry! I didn't mean to actually eat any of you guys.

But I have some burgers! The very best, actually! If anybody wants them, come on over to the cafeteria and taste them. They're better than the oatmeal, that's for sure.
05 October 2012 @ 11:52 am
[When the feed turns on today, there is one enthusiastic Maya Fey. Even though she's not happy about the food choices this tower has (hey, she's going to try to fix that!), she has something more important to say.]

Hey, Tower!

There's this guy... he's a friend of mine. He goes by the name of 'Battler', but he told me that he's some sort of weird doppelgänger, alien clone, or maybe he's... one of those 'shadow' things that someone's told me about!

Anyway, I figured that in order to not confuse the two of them, that I, the great Mystic Maya will change his name! To Kuro! Zvarri! It's perfect, isn't it? Oh, but if anyone wants to call him Relt Tab, that's cool, too!

But maybe we should give him one of those nametags... you know, the "My name is Kuro", nametags. That way, nobody will ever confuse him for the real Battler guy!
28 September 2012 @ 07:13 pm
[When Bernkastel's voice comes on, it sounds slightly cracked and laced with faint anger.]

As many times as I may have brutally died in the past, I submit my vote for this being the most ridiculous and stupidly painful. I genuinely thought I had grown used to it. Apparently not. [A snort of laughter. She actually doesn't sound amused, for once.] The sleep paralysis contributes to the level of annoyance. 

You know who you are, boy. Whenever I find you, I'm going to rip you apart piece by piece with my bare hands.
23 September 2012 @ 06:56 pm
Good day to all who receive this transmission. [ A soft spoken girl greets the network today with a calming presence. ] You have my sincere apologies that I can't speak to each and every person I've met during my time of need. I was told using this was a plausible substitution to visiting people and I thought everyone could use some time to reflect on the past few days.

For those who did provide aid not only to myself, but to Tsubomi and my brother, I wish to thank you personally. If there's anything I could do to repay your kindness, I would very much like the opportunity to do so.

[ Realizing something, she lets out a small gasp. ] It appears as though I've forgotten my manners momentarily as well. There are so many people here... [ Her voice draws out a bit with a sigh. ] My name is Nunally vi Britannia.

[ Yes, she's the brother of that one douchebag. ]

Although you may have heard me called by my other alias, Nunally Lamperouge. [ Possibly related to another douchebag. ] It's not my intention to be confusing, so please call me by whatever name you feel most comfortable with.

[ She leans over, almost as though she was intending to cut the transmission with that, but hesitates. ] Even though the past few days were frightening for a lot of us, I hope that those who were forced into another body against their will could keep an open mind about what has happened. Often it's said that a person should spend a day walking in the shoes of another, but rarely are we ever forced to. I'm grateful myself for what has happened, even more so that I was able to return to my proper body, and will carry the knowledge of what I've learned about others with me for a long time. There's no need to be frightened of the person you might have been for a few days, instead you should embrace them and be grateful for the chance at forming a bond closer than any ordinary friendship.

Yes, I think that will do for now. [ Click. ]
23 September 2012 @ 02:08 pm
Guess someone's hide is a little chapped over their fun being ruined, judging by the lack of food in the cafeteria. Not that those bar things were worth eating to start with... I'd say it's worth goin' without, though. To you guys that figured it out, good work. It's worth celebrating, 'cause it means we're not completely helpless here!
17 September 2012 @ 09:30 pm
The world is destroyed, huh...

[ Battler is seen pacing around, a frown on his face before he grins ]

... Tch. Sorry, but I don't buy it one bit! They'd have to try a lo~ot harder than whatever they did to destroy where I'm from before they damaged it even a bit! If this is some kind of weird prank, then... well... I've been through a ton of screw up stuff, and this is nothing compared to what Beato or the other witches have put me through.

... Still. Don't tell me that with everyone here-- They've gotten the same letter. A joke gets pretty repetitive if its been told a ton of times, doesn't it?

But sure, I'll stick around for a little while. It's been a long time since I've played as an opponent in a Gameboard. Let's get the show on the road! I don't have all the time in the world to just play around with some monsters. I've got one last story I need to weave. So, I'll play around for a little while and get back to my own fragment. A Gamemaster should bargain with their opponent, or even pieces a little, shouldn't they?
09 September 2012 @ 10:43 pm
[He's a little curious about something, actually. This place intrigues him quite a bit, what with the monsters and even the wonderful morgue with the dead bodies-.... ah, that murderous urge of his rises every so often, but he manages to keep it down by killing monsters here and there.

In any case.]

Heehh.... How splendid it is to see all the little insects crawling around in here.... the lot of you- do you truly understand how fragile you are? Life can be taken away so easily... hehahaha....!

I wonder, I wonder.... besides the monsters that are here, has anyone taken the life of another? And by that I mean- a person, maybe someone close to you? Maybe someone in this tower you had just met....?

Don't be too shy now.