[ on the screen is a small, unassuming character. the only startling thing about him is the large, tired blue eyes peering in. there's the glint of a chain beneath his clothes when he stirs, and over his body is a worn green cloak.

when he speaks, it's slowly, carefully. he looks pale, a bit shaken still from the network but his voice is sure: ]

While I haven't been here long, I'd like to leave as much as anyone else.

[ quietly: ]

I do not believe our homes are truly destroyed.

[ frodo's eyes lower, before he speaks again: ]

Not only that but I should like to know how many come from the world of Arda. Or 'Middle-earth'. To me, it is my home.

And..if any of you have seen a hobbit about my size, with lighter hair, a bit stout, with a frying pan? His name is Samwise Gamgee. Or perhaps a strange creature, who calls himself 'Smeagol' or 'Gollum'. He tends to like the shadows. I am..responsible for him.

[ it's sad how he's used to this. first the ship, now this strange place. it seems his road is far longer than he could have imagined, and frodo quietly despairs a little in his heart, though it stubbornly clings to hope. ]

If not, I would ask if any come from a ship called the 'Tranquility'. I had been dwelling there for a time, and would wish to know of it's fate. 

[ he seems to hesitate for a minute, but the question is necessary ]

Should you be from Middle-earth..I would ask if the Fellowship is a familiar word to any of you.
17 November 2012 @ 01:27 am
[ The feed clicks on to reveal an extremely nervous-looking girl fiddling agitatedly with the ends of her pigtails. With a hesitant gulp, she addresses the contraption in a small voice. ]

Um... hello? C-Can anyone hear me?

[ She pauses, darting a quick glance behind her with a motion reminiscent of prey waiting to be attacked. After several seconds of no response, neither from the device nor her surroundings, she breathes a visible sigh of relief/disappointment and continues. ]

My... my name is Homura Akemi...

... a-and I'm sorry to bother you, but I --

[ An expression akin to scared determination flickers across her features. Her right hand stops tugging her pigtails, fingers reaching upward to clasp the violet collar round her neck. ]

-- I think this is a very cruel joke.

Please stop.
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