[ Sasori has always been good with his hands. Very, very good, really (as much as is expected of an artist). Unfortunately, he is what one might refer to as 'old school'. Computers and such technology as he was staring at at the moment were rare to come by in Sunagakure.

He had never really operated a computer, unless it was one of those machines that had a big red button which read POWER or DO NOT PRESS, their functions obvious.

Whatever he was staring at right now, though, intrigued him. He could see hiragana scattered all over the keyboard, and bits of kanji, but--

...Where are the remaining five thousand odd kanji?

[ Ridiculous. Where was the rest of this machinery that had the remaining alphabet?

And in trying to figure out what it did, Sasori presses a few buttons experimentally.


[ Which is when he presses something and it starts recording him... Sasori notices this and stares at the screen, continuing to press all the keys while staring at the screen, wondering if pressing anything will do something. Like-- Stop recording him?