17 January 2014 @ 09:47 pm
[The feed opens to a Shirou who looked a bit tired, but then again it's still a bit early in the afternoon and everyone might be waking up too. Which is always the best timing for something like:]

Morning, everyone. Well, those who are actually up at this time, at least. It's still pretty early after all.

[For someone who had been through Sab- Arturia's training session, he seemed awfully normal about it. Then again he was used to it after all, even back home when it was still in one piece and not ruined as the telescopes showed him it's not a lie it really happened why is he still the only one saved.]

Considering the weather has been a bit... cold [understatement of the year] I'll be cooking brunch in the cafeteria, just let me know and I'll cook a portion for you! I mean, it does get boring if you all eat the same thing everyday, right?

[He seems sincere in his offer too!]

Oh, yeah, to those who don't know who to look for, my name is Shirou Emiya.