30 April 2013 @ 04:25 pm
[There's Legolas, sitting at a terminal and looking thoughtful. There's a small, leatherbound notebook in front of him and a fountain pen. He wasn't sure if they'd belonged to anyone when he'd gathered what he needed but he could return it all later. In neat script on the first page is a passage written in Sindarin. And below it, a translation of it.]

What is it you miss of home, most of all? What is it, that if ever we return, you will seek out first?

I want to write it all here in this book. I want to make sure that no one forgets what most they miss here. No matter what it is that we endure, we'll need only look into it to remind ourselves of happier times. Times that, with hope, are not forever lost to us.
07 February 2013 @ 06:56 pm
It has concerned me greatly of late as to what "Losing your Soul to the Tower of Animus" may mean. And I am afraid we may be witnessing the first symptoms of such a loss...

[ It's to say the ridiculous amounts of sheer foolishness that can be witnessed all around the tower, especially as of late. It is the first time since May that Gandalf posts something on the network- Nothing surprising considering his dislike of such communication means. But here and now, sending this message is absolutely necessary. ]

Throw yourselves out of the tower next time and rid us of your stupidity )
13 August 2012 @ 11:13 am
Is something going on? The readings are off.


12:30PM EST - The Tower is rattling.

12:45PM EST - The Tower is shaking more violently. Things are starting to move around, fall over, and fall off shelves. Something like loud, twisted whalesong can be heard.

12:55PM EST - The Tower is shaking violently; anything not bolted down will start falling over. A massive whale can be seen swimming up through the fog out the lower level windows--the fog cuts into its already bubbling, too-tight skin, and it trails thick black blood, but it isn't losing momentum and it's going to break through the fog barrier soon at the rate it's moving.

1:00PM EST - The whale reaches the top of the Tower and begins ramming into it. The tower creaks and screeches and groans; a bright white light circles the Tower as a barrier is revealed to cover the entire thing.

The whale rams it. It begins cracking.]
06 July 2012 @ 12:19 pm
[Good afternoon, Tower. Eikichi is standing in front of the terminal's camera, grinning from ear to ear and looking quite proud of himself. In fact you might say he looks unusually energized.]


Is this thing on...okay it is.

Inhabitants of this stone tower! I, the beautiful, amazing, great, quick-thinking Michel have a proposition for next week. As it so happens that it was the birthday of someone special two days ago, I realized she needs a proper celebration! And considering there hasn't been a good party around here lately, the solution is simple; a proper birthday bash, not just for our bella dama who will be our guest of honor, but also for anyone who hasn't had a proper birthday for the past months.

And as exceptional as he is, Michel can't do this alone! I can help with the decorations and the music, but I know the tower is filled with considerable talent! Chefs! Decorators! Even a few musicians who might have slipped from Michel's grasp when he didn't notice you...reveal yourselves to me so that we may make this the best bash ever!

And...turn that frown upside down! Michel isn't going to stand for it any longer!

Times have been hard and difficult, that's true, but if we don't get a little joy in our lives, we'll just like this place drag us down with it. I'll have none of that and neither should you! As a certain someone I admire would say, 'Let's Positive Thinking!'

So go on, find a mirror, look at yourself and say "I look great today!".

Don't worry I'll be waiting.

[He crosses his arms with a smirk plastered on his face and waits for a full eight seconds before continuing.]

Now that you're all energized and ready to do this...there's more!

It's not just a birthday party and way to cheer everyone up, if you can, bring that lovely lady or the handsome guy! Come as a couple as there will be a competition to crown the lord and lady of the evening! And don't worry, Michel's a very fair man. As much as he knows he's the only true king around, he'll let someone else enjoy it for that night.

So put on your best!

Oh, no date you say? That's not a problem! Do the words Blind Date have any meaning to you? Send me your name -- don't worry Michel won't share -- and he'll set you up with all the others who don't have one. Considering our beautiful chica population lower, you may end up with another guy! But don't worry, a date doesn't mean you need to kiss at all...who knows, you might end up with a new friend! Michel's certain everyone will have a good time regardless! And who knows...you might find true love and you'll have me to be thankful for!

....I know, I know, how can someone like me exist? Sometimes I wonder that too.

So, who's with me?!

[Look at that grin. Look at that face. Look at all this wild energy. Surely it must stir something within you for that...right to fight for your party...]

[As private as Eikichi can make it to the rest of the team members minus Maya]

Jun, you're in charge of making her a proper birthday bouquet. Miyabi, you want to make her a cake? Tatsuya, Lisa...help me find her some presents? If we have to make 'em I don't care.

And everyone's coming to the music room with me! I've been inspired to write her a birthday song and I'll need everyone's help!


[[OOC - Blind Date Signups are Here]]
01 June 2012 @ 04:38 pm
[The video flashes on, displaying two similar looking men–– if not for their (brotherly) looks, but for their clothing attire.]

I have not seen such a sleek surface that was not a reflection of water or glass.. [The larger of the two men said with a squint of his eyes.] Strange. [The only thing that was for sure.]

[The two men seemed to be focused on the object, unknowing of its power. However, having just woken up, it was no surprise that the two brothers have found many strange features thus far.]

{ooc: Faramir and Boromir are both here in their continuation of the "waking up" log, in front of the network, trying to figure out their surroundings, so both will answer and reply to you :) thank you.}
17 May 2012 @ 10:04 pm
I would advise against using the network, but given the circumstances there are no other options.

[ Have a Gandalf appearing on the screen- He looks dead serious, yet somehow calm. Anyone paying attention could notice he looks quite tired as well. ]

I need to know what happened in this tower before my arrival- From the first day people were ‘saved’. If there are people who could give me any relevant information, this would be highly appreciated.

I’m most interested in a child who has been mentioned a couple of time yesterday, I believe his name was Zo. From what little I have read, I assume something terrible must have happened.

Text filtered to Zelda, Xion and Fi )
10 May 2012 @ 04:28 am
Ah, good morning. This is Kidou Yuuto and Sea. We wanted to thank those of you who had helped us during that last week, on the inside of the labrynth and the outside.

were using colors so you cna tell us apart! im sea! but hes right we want to thank all the people who hleped the people in the maze out like me and kidou!
i got a lot of food and even a toy!

I would also like to thank Gandalf personally for the meals. I couldn't finish them all but I really appreciate them.

yes thank you mr gandalf! i got the toy becuase of you i think? and thank you everyone else too it was really good sicne i ate my food really fast on acident

Ah, yes. It was a good thing we were both given a lot of food, I'm not sure how Sea could have managed without all of it.

Anyway, putting that aside, I wish I could have brought some of it back for those who didn't get to participate. I find it quite unfair that we were treated to high quality food while you still had to deal with... oatmeal and such. 8(

sorry! i really like food :oc

No one is going to put that against you.

[Silly boy]

Well, I think that's about it. Is there anything else you'd like to add, Sea?

no im okay!

Right, then. Thank you all, again. We really appreciate the help! 8)
02 May 2012 @ 12:39 pm
[Switch off the labyrinth and check the network proper on any one of the terminals, and you shall be greeted by the stern, stoic face of one Princess of Hyrule. She looks somewhat tired, like she hasn't had a good night's sleep, but even so, there is a tranquil sort of absolute fury in her eyes.]

Is it possible to access the locked elevator without the clear- or red-collared workers' "assistance"?
13 April 2012 @ 08:44 pm
so earlier today it rained on the staircase and on floor 11 it was just for a little while but it was longer than i thought it would be um anyway that was my fault because i played the song of storms i didnt think it would work because none of my other songs work so im really sorry if you got wet because of me i didnt mean to make it rain and when i saw that it was raining i thought it would only be raining on my floor but i was wrong its okay if youre mad but im really really really sorry if theres anything you need me to do to make up for it ill do it
06 April 2012 @ 04:36 pm
[Fi is floating in front of the computer and setting up the video. Then is pops up and everybody can see Fi floating in front of the device.]

Master Link, I've just spent time with the youngest Link. And I drew one of the Kikwi.

[Holding up a crayon picture of Machi.]

I would like to give it to you, Master.

[And the whole time? COMPLETELY STRAIGHT FACED.]