10 September 2012 @ 04:15 pm
[Someone was not pleased and it definitely shows. The video feed was now showcasing an absolutely livid spiky-haired Asian. He was tightly gripping some sort of paper, but it was impossible to tell what exactly was on it.]

Can someone please explain to me what the hell is this?

[He suddenly shoves that paper right in front of the camera for everyone to see. Everybody here should be able to easily recognize what it was; it's the letter given to all new arrivals to inform them of their planet's demise.

After a couple of seconds, the letter was hastily removed.]

Just what kind of sick joke is this! Am I seriously expected to believe that the Earth is gone! All those millions of people completely wiped away without a trace! This stupid letter doesn't even bother to give a reason for why it's gone and just expects me to accept that it happened! Like hell I will!

[He takes a moment to calm down and his livid expression soon softens to a far more somber one.]

I want to know who was the person that "saved" me. I have some very important questions for them.