12 July 2012 @ 05:22 pm
[While he usually uses audio settings back home, this time he's going to use video. It might help if someone recognizes him, and not just by voice. Which is why everyone can see that he opted not to use the white jumpsuit (because who really would?), and instead used the clothes that he had found in the trunk. Thank god they gave him brushes, too, or his hair would be a mess.]

This connects to the network, yes? This is Tseng, Director of the Department for Administrative Research. ID Number 46952. [There's no confirmation after that, of course, and his eyes narrow.]

After awaking in room 03-04, I found the letter stating that Gaia had been destroyed. Unbelievable, of course, and whoever has decided to play this kind of prank can be assured that their pay will be docked.

[The collar, too, is a nice touch; just enough that it's annoying, and such a garish color.] I'm more concerned with someone touching my things, and somehow knowing what to pack in that trunk. They also left me without a lighter, if there is anyone willing to lend me one for a moment.

Any and all information from a reliable, spoken source, would be appreciated.

[End transmission.]
What in Shiva's name…?

[When the video turns on, the figure is clearly frustrated and distrustful, if not looking very exhausted. Honey-colored eyes are dulled and strained, her skin a ghostly shade of pale, a single bandage pressing against the right side of her cheek. Fingers grasp at the top of the note she had been reading, lips pulling in a frown.]


This can’t be right and it isn’t funny. I’m in no mood for jokes right now, so I demand an explanation for this.

[Lowering the note beside her on the bed, Elena gently rubbed at the side of her head, giving a slight wince. She had been under constant watch for the last 48 hours, being pumped full of Cure and Restore to mend internal and external injuries. But clearly she wasn’t entirely healed, which earned a frown.]

Also, what was with the paralysis? Did somebody drug me while I was sleeping to perform a relocation? This isn’t the room I was in last…
16 May 2012 @ 12:00 pm
[For one who could take on so many forms like Nyarlathotep, he preferred speaking only through either voice or text. Using video would show only one of his many faces and that hardly was the correct experience one should have when dealing with him. And so, this is how he'll address the residents of the Tower.]

Although the world has ended, we were never given an explanation of how, were we? I wonder. I'm sure you all have your own ideas on how it came to that. So, then. Who would like to begin? Let's make this a group discussion.