A grand idea happened upon me earlier this month, and I thought it would be too good to not share with all of you!

Basically, given that Tanabata wasn't too long ago, I thought it would be absolutely fabulous if we compiled a list of all of our worlds' holidays so that we may take turn in celebrating and acknowledging them as they come!
20 April 2012 @ 04:06 am
hi everyone its me again! link i mean
the sea one!

im looking for kanjee's friends! he's one of my really good friends here now so i thought i should meet his really good friends!
um... i dont think i remember all of your names even though he told me them
one of them is yoo and theres nowtoh and yohskay
and i think another named yukeekoh and
um it sounds like chee-ay but i dont think i can spell that sorry

[Not like you can spell everyone else's names, Link.]

but id really like to meet you all! you must be really nice since your kanjee's friends and he's really nice too!
you can call me sea if you want since theres a lot of links i dont mind!
and im sorry if i spelled things a little weird i havent heard names like yours before!
i was gonna use the vi
vidioh? videeoh

that thing thats like a window! but i dont know how to change it

and i dont know if theres all of you in the tower anymore or anything since people leave but if you are please say hi! i wont bite i promise!