25 November 2012 @ 08:05 pm
[Majora's been doing a lot of thinking since talking to Ruana. Well, she's been doing a lot of thinking, period, lately, but mostly since Ruana. So she'd spent all evening and today working on some pictures for a story.]

Hey, Tower? I want to tell you a story.

Following is image heavy, this is a warning )

[The feed cuts there, though Majora will still be waiting at the terminal. She's moping now, tracing fingers over the images.]
My name is Jun Kurosu. Some of you may remember me from the body swap fiasco.

Others have offered their translation services and I thought perhaps I could help as well. I'm fluent in English, Japanese, and French, and I know some German and Spanish as well. If you need help communicating with anyone who knows those languages, please let me know.

If you speak a language that is in the same family as those, I can try my best to help with that too. It shouldn't be too difficult. At least as long as this keeps up.

[The next part seems to be added after the fact;]

I suppose if anyone wants to learn any of those languages after this mess too, I can assist. In addition, has anyone been able to figure out how the language of this world works?

[The message is repeated and rewritten in every language that he lists, though the German and Spanish versions are a bit broken grammar-wise.]
01 November 2012 @ 02:28 am
[Lucifer has found that he's begun to use the network almost solely when he's angry. Truth be told it's one of the few times it has any real appeal to him, at least in regard to using it as his own platform to speak. And after the embarrassment and insult leveled at him by the Tower this last month, he's quite fed up. He needs something to take his mind off of things.

Which brings him to what he has to say.]

I quite enjoy competition. I believe myself a competitive man. But I felt there was something lacking in the competition the tower gave us. I found it a bit impersonal. Part of competition is getting to know the people you're competing against. That's not particularly possible when so many of them have had their identities crush and assumed by something else, now is it?

I'd go so far as to say it wasn't sporting.

I wasn't very satisfied by this last competition. If anything, it served to simply arouse my thirst instead of quench it. And so I would like to propose a more personal competition. A bit of a way for me to get to know some of you better. To even find a few more who are like-minded, you could say.

I therefore propose a duel, or set of duels, to take place one week from today. I will take on any and all challengers who answer my challenge whether they come at me one at a time or in groups or all at once. The challenged may even choose where the battle takes place and, if they wish, any restrictions they wish to impose.

It's been quite a long time since I've taken some exercise. And certainly there must be some others who would be interested in a friendly bit of competition.
07 October 2012 @ 07:20 am
To anyone that sees this, I have a request

Would the following people, if they see this, please respond:
- "Nero"
- "Darkleer"
- "Vanitas"

Likewise, those of you I know personally, I have a favor I must ask of you
My child has shown up in this tower
He is very young and not equipped to handle this place
I would appreciate any and all help I could receive in safeguarding him

If any of you see this and seek to bring harm to him for 'fun'

I will unmake you

That is all
Thank you

-Al Saiduq
05 October 2012 @ 03:08 pm
Will Alcor please come to the third floor library? Your child is waiting here for you.

Thank you.

[After this thread.]
16 September 2012 @ 08:17 pm
[ Have a robot, guys. Text begins appearing on the Network at a ridiculously fast speed; no one can type this fast. ]

We are Legion, a terminal of the Geth and integrated member of the Normandy SR2, a Cerberus frigate run by the human known as Commander Shepard. We have downloaded all external data from this Network that was not blocked or filtered through other channels presently inaccessible to our hard drive. We have spoken with several "captives" thusfar.

However, there are still inquiries that we would desire data on. Thusfar, our research has proven that some of the lifeforms here are capable of self-defense, but not all of them. The creatures here can prove extremely dangerous. As such, we would like information on whether or not accurate Mass Effect field generators have been created to allow adequate shielding from shell damage.

We would also like to know if weapons production has been studied. We could reproduce or aid in the manufacturing of organic-friendly firearms that would not need ammo, and would run on energy instead. This would be conservative due to the limited amount of ammunition in this place.

The "trunk" with which we were given has spare parts and Elements. With help, we could reproduce Geth shielding technology and armaments, if this is desirable among the others captive here. If this is of any interest to others, we await your replies.

We will be stationed on the twenty-seventh floor for in-person inquiries if deemed necessary.
20 August 2012 @ 07:07 pm
...When someone leaves...

What happens to them?

[The question seems to be relatively simple, but he hasn't really researched much into them. Maizono-san and Enoshima-san are both missing, and after checking their rooms, it appeared that they're really... gone...]

...And if they're dead before their arrival here, would they return to their former state when they're sent back?
19 August 2012 @ 05:55 pm
A question.

Let us humor our captors and say that they are telling us the truth that our worlds are destroyed. Let us then assume we have only two places we can be: we might stay here, in this Tower for however long that may last or we might attempt to break out.

The Tower, while a cage, offers a sense of security. There are constant meals and general protection from what lies outside it's walls. We are, however, at the beck and call of the people who run the Tower and their whims. Yet with them you could say it's the devil you know, and know that their torment and cruelty would be as consistent as the stability they offer.

So assume a means of leaving this is found and we might venture out, and that what is outside is in fact inhabitable. But what we venture out into is a vast unknown and the only information we do have is that creatures like the ones who invaded here - and many more of them - roam the outside world. It would be a harsh, dangerous world. But also one with possibilities that could not be explored here. With freedom not to be found between these walls.

So given the choice if the chance of going home is out of the question, what do you choose: stability or freedom?
30 July 2012 @ 05:12 pm
[Suffice it to say that Katsuya was not pleased to be in this situation. He'd changed back into the normal clothes, avoided being attacked on the trip down the stairs, and settled into the first place he could contact a large group of the other people captured here.

He checked the previous entries and became even less pleased when he realized that his brother was here as well.]

I'll be brief. My name is Katsuya Suou, and I have just arrived in this tower. Is there anyone leading those captured here in an organized effort who I could speak to?

And one more thing: Tatsuya, I need to talk to you as soon as possible. Actually, I wouldn't mind speaking to any of his friends from this place.

Thank you.
10 July 2012 @ 09:48 am

[After a few moments, there is another, correct text!]

sorry about that!
i am still getting used to this device
and it seems I got it stuck on the wrong

character set, is what it is called, i believe?

is that the correct way to say it? i am not sure

at any rate, greetings to everyone
i would prefer it had not come at the cost of
my world being destroyed, though
but perhaps it was for the best
considering what was about to happen

it is not like i can return anyway

on a less depressing note i was unaware that
oatmeal was supposed to taste this way!
it is very interesting!
i like it very much!!!

[ooc: Sola was actually saying something with the symbols - feel free to hover over them for a translation! If you can speak starfish, feel free to reply to it. :D]
just so you all know

the crawling chaos is gone

or so he seems to be

those of you who might have known of him, or been plagued by him, please take heart in this

i only hope it lasts