09 January 2013 @ 07:12 pm
[ At first, it's a bit difficult to tell just what's on the screen. Some kind of flower? But that only lasts for a second, and then as the user of the terminal pulls back, it becomes clear that it was her eye on the screen. ]

Well met, everyone! I hope you are all well on this day. My name is Nia Teppelin, and I fondly greet everyone here.

[ She gives a little bow to the camera. ]

However, I have a serious and heartfelt question for you! There is a valiant young man named Simon who is his own, but in addition to that he is meant to be mine soon, and I cannot find him. He is very special and I'm certain you will know him when you see him, so please return him to me if he is found. This is important, people of the Tower, so it would mean very much to me if you helped me.

[ She bows again, more deeply. ]

Thank you very much. Please tell me who you are if you find Simon, so that I may cook for you a fine meal as a reward.