20 April 2013 @ 07:26 pm
 [Hei is on screen, not looking much better. Considering he just recovered from his first death, he is calmer...sort of. Recall the same emotionless face that was there before? Now it seemed to be angry, particularly within those dull cobalt eyes of his, giving a particular shine one may not have expected.

And he's now holding up a small chalkboard, his fingers close to this.]

Due to circumstances, I find myself needing to make sure this message spreads across further. Forgive me for what I am about to do.

[And what follows next is a series of noises that are painful to the ear. Oddly enough, Hei is unfazed by it. After a few seconds, he stops at last, taking a deep breath.]

I had hoped to never do that, but apparently I need to. You are all hurting, as I can imagine. My own heart is still in pain from what happened, knowing I nearly took away the one person closest to me, and then losing others as well, and not just here, but at the facility as well. Minako, Raven, Yin, Homura, Elena, Reno, Lucy, and countless more here and at the facility.

For those unaware, the facility was similar to this, experiments done weekly, and chaos brought about by others and those that ran it. At first, I was willing to say the facility was the worst place to be because of all of that, and having to know our friends' bodies were burned, and could almost never be recovered because of the sickness we have.

Some might think death would be paradise compared to the hell of this tower. I disagree, because of what Ruana is capable of. To some, especially given facts may have been revealed that were meant to stay hidden, that this is the time to give up hope. At a time like this, there was someone who would say something crude, though I would say something more tasteful. For once, I will follow his logic.

motivational speech worthy of Yusuke here )
09 April 2013 @ 08:58 pm
 [Hei's up, though if you look closer, you can tell he is very tired. The one thing that might let people know he is more awake is the little mogwai poking at his face, and the eye-twitching he was having.]

My apologies for being absent. [Not that it was his choice.] At any rate, I have been told a few things, but if there is anything I missed, I would appreciate being informed.

I am still recruiting teachers for the school system now in place thanks to Ishtar. For those that missed her network post, I am recruiting various people to put together a bunch of teachers to teach others within the tower. Currently, there is a listing here, and there is not set limit so far on the number of teachers for the subject, as new teachers can offer new input or new ways to educate the subject matter. Students are free to attend as well, and all those interested should meet at the library.

Currently, Cecil and I are teaching combat in place of Reno, for those that are unaware of his...absence. Cecil specializes in weapon's training, while I shall stick with hand-to-hand combat. Just a fair warning: during my training--[He finally growls a bit and sets Mao down onto the floor before looking back at the camera seriously.] I don't hold back during those sessions, at least not by much. Fair warning.

That is all.

[The feed cuts just as you can hear the whine of the Mogwai, and see Hei about to pick him back up.]
28 February 2013 @ 06:58 am
 [Hei appears, though he doesn't look too pleased. How could he after witnessing that. However, he's keeping it under wraps for now. Probably why no one was seeing his angry side at the moment. Lord knows how much he wants to rage, always wanted to rage in fact. But hey, people had to be shown as level-headed.]

I am aware of certain circumstances regarding the events that transpired, aside from certain things regarding whatever experiment they were doing. However, there is information I wished to set up for this tower: the school system. I am aware now is not the best time, but focusing on rage and sadness alone will only make you more sloppy in thinking and fighting. I speak from experience.

There is a list present here. You can contact me if you have any questions. Multiple teachers are allowed, and classes will begin in March, assuming nothing else happens to give everyone time to recover.

That is all.
03 January 2013 @ 08:54 pm
 I trust everyone has recovered from their illness. In any event, I wanted to propose an idea I I share, one that originated back in the facility:

An educational system, or a school if you will. While there are lessons on fighting by others and training your body, I believe there needs to be a system to help balance the mind, and hopefully, make those not comfortable with each other slowly ease into that state. It is a flawed idea to be sure, but nothing in any world is perfect. Not even the tower moderators.

For those that wish to join, you can find me in the library or the kitchen most often, or simply reply here. Classes aren't mandatory, but are recommended. After all, there are many children here being deprived of some education.

[Would you rather have death on the mind, kids?]

And, to those I attacked while I was hallucinating under the effects of the disease: I am sorry.
28 December 2012 @ 06:23 pm
If you had a chance to wish for anything in the world, what would it be?

Try not to go with the obvious "escape the tower" nonsense, because I know most of you want that. Think of something else. Something you really want.
13 November 2012 @ 01:46 pm
 As most of you are aware, Thanksgiving is coming up. For those that do not know, considering the number of parallel worlds and such, Thanksgiving is a national holiday, and it's purpose is to give thanks to each other for the work that they have done throughout the year, and to celebrate the fruits of that labor, not to be confused with the American version.

[And China didn't exactly celebrate it, but hey, he's been in Japan even longer to know more about their holidays.]

Personally, I don't celebrate it in any country, however, I still feel as if this might be a time to uplift spirits of those that would need it. I am aware that many do not care for the meaning for them, though I am sure opinions would shift with the food offered and could be made. Not only that, but I feel there are others who might benefit from learning how to cook, be it new recipes, or learning from scratch; I will also not be cooking everything by myself.

Is there anyone in this tower who would like to assist me, or take lessons?
29 September 2012 @ 06:55 pm
[Hey,  here's someone the tower probably hasn't seen in a long time!]

 I understand a lot has happened. At the very least, I assume the shadows are gone.

Considering the circumstances, I realize that there might be those who desire more filling meals, yet not be able to cook effectively. I'll be going on a hunt and try to provide some, but I encourage no one eats too much. [And this was coming from assassin pig.] Just to be safe and conserve food. Human beings can survive alone on water for quite some time anyway.

I also wish to know who creates weapons here. Ever since the incident with the "space whale" or however you refer to it, I was able to get my hands on materials from the monsters that swarmed. [And after dealing with the shadow, he needed new, better gear.]

That is all.

[Filtered to Ryoji (AU), Kirika (AU), and Homura (OU)]

I wish to thank you all for your aid back with the shadow. Without it, I may have not only died, but failed to realize the flaws within myself.

[Filtered to Elena (OU)]

I have something that belongs to you. You might be interested in getting back I assume?
20 August 2012 @ 01:50 pm
[ Ishtar looked a little worse for wear, but she seemed to be holding on. The past week had been a bit of a disaster to deal with. She wasn't expecting to be chased by monsters and running around like a madman. She was glad that it finally looked better now, even though it probably wasn't. ]

Does this happen often? You know...monsters on the loose, and stuff?

[ She mused. She didn't know how else to approach this situation. ]

Because this is going to be one hell of a stay if it happens often.

[ She raised her brow. Her expression suddenly changing into a more concerned one. ]

Is everyone okay? If anyone needs help dressing wounds, or healing then I can offer my abilities. They're not great, but I can patch you up real well? If you need anything at all, please tell me. I don't mind helping around and about.

Elian, are you alright? Gaara, I haven't seen you at all since the attack. Tell me your location at least. Duzie, I know you're around somewhere, but be careful alright? Hei and Yusuke, you guys are fine right? Sorry I got you guys in a little trouble there when the monsters attacked.
05 August 2012 @ 08:12 pm
 ...I take it everyone has waken up from our state of sleep?

[Hei doesn't look too bad, if maybe a bit tired still. It was clear, he had just woke up.]

If anyone has news regarding that, or anything new within the tower, I wish to be notified.

And regarding those that know of the facility or Val, I propose we come together to discuss matters. There appear to be...differences between most of us, and we should all get our facts straight if we are stuck here for the time being.

That is all.
14 July 2012 @ 01:28 pm
[Hei appears on the network again, his face looking slightly brighter than it did two weeks ago. Cooking in the kitchen and wandering the tower had done wonders for his spirit, though not a whole lot. He could at least think better again, and recent activity around the tower had managed to remind him of a few things.

 If the festivities are done for now, I would like to call attention back to the tower and the threats it provides regarding certain creatures here. While I hear that death has not much consequence, it is still something I am sure all of you wish to avoid regardless. [And he'll avoid going into detail as to why death should have been a big concern, mainly for mental reasons.]

Therefore, I wish to offer my services as a trainer, to those that are interested. It won't be easy, but within a few weeks, you'll be far more prepared for a fight here than you normally would. For those interested, simply contact me.

I will also be at the cafeteria regularly during lunch and dinner hours to make meals. If you wish to avoid making a hazardous meal and desire for something more edible, you can contact me.

[Always the best ways to gain information, or throw himself in danger. Either way, info of some kind could be gained.]

That is all.
11 July 2012 @ 05:28 pm
[After the...last time he was on the network, Roxas isn't exactly eager to stick his face on it again. But he still wanted to offer something, so he accepted voice begrudgingly. There was an awkward few seconds of silence before he began speaking.]

Uh, hey. It's Roxas. I just wanted to ask something to everyone at large...

[A pause, and he gave a loud sigh.]

I've been keeping a journal, and I realized I've almost been here for a year. Who else is around who's been here that long? I'm...thinking of making a cake.

[Okay, so that was partially sarcasm, but-]

At least that way, we'll have something positive for the occasion, instead of just the usual stuff. I just, need help making it. I've never made a cake before.

[...of course, he also was planning on trying to shove it in the suggestion box, or the red-collar elevator, or something...but there wasn't a need to mention that part out loud.]
H-hey! What's going on here?!

[ A voice penetrated the networks, somewhat strained. Someone might have been running around a little too much after getting up in a strange room.

She didn't even give a second thought to where she was going, until she found the library. The library had those strange techie things that she had always noticed in Facility from time to time. It reminded her of her Faciliberry, in which did not function correctly. She couldn't reach anyone beyond that.

On top of that, she wasn't quite sure what to believe right now. Could Val be playing a trick on her again, or was this really happening?

She furrowed her brows. ]

Val this isn't funny. I'm not laughing.....where is everyone? Yujinn? Zero? Maka?

[ she mused softly.... ]

This....can't be happening.... again.
03 July 2012 @ 08:49 am
[ Action ♥ Residents of Room 02-05 ]
[ Homura woke with a start. Last she remembers, she was going to sleep and expecting to attend her new school tomorrow. Fresh from one timeline to the next. Her determination is worn plainly on her face, overtaking the confusion that comes with waking in a new environment. Adjusting all too quickly, she slips out of the bed and snatches up the letters. Reading the first one, rereading those simple words over and over, before finally lowering the paper. ]
This can't be.... [ Her heart drops like a rock. That can't be. It makes no sense!

... But it does, actually, doesn't it? After seeing Madoka's soul gem taint again, it makes sense. Homura covers her face, sobbing into her hands for only a few seconds before drawing in a deep breath.
] Madoka... Everyone... [ She has yet to notice her roommates as she tries to wipe her eyes and get a grip. ]

[ Video ♥ ]
[ A calm facial expression betrays Homura's feelings. True, she's gathered some courage to keep herself relatively calm, but her heart has been ripped to shreds by this possibility. Even so, there's still hope. She reminds herself, over and over, that it's not over yet. ]
I am Homura Akemi. I am a new arrival. I have read both of my letters and have an understanding of the situation.

 [ A pause. Debating. She never properly "started" her last timeline beyond being released from the hospital, so if the other girls are here then they might not recognize her. Calling out their names would be strange. ] I am from Mitaikihara in Japan. I'd like to know if anyone from home has also been 'saved'.

[ She brushes her hair behind her shoulder, a seemingly confident gesture that is actually just a nervous tick. ] How long have you all been here? And how many of you believe that letter?
02 July 2012 @ 01:58 pm
[Hei is looking normal for the most  part, thank god. Any more experiments, and he just might have switched his urge to kill, a feat so very few achieved; this place definitely got it in less than a month. But that was to be expected. Hell, even if the experiments to him were gone, his face eyes looked tired. Granted, they always looked tired, if not a bit sad.]

I'm sure everyone has received a gift of sorts from those people. Disregarding that however, there are questions I wished answered regarding those I know.

In order to help avoid confusion regarding this subject, and to help explain my situation, I have been taken away from a facility in space, controlled by the Consortium. After a victory against them, I have found myself trapped within those pods for experimentation, where I ended up meeting most of you with that man called Jason.

[And yes, Hei wishes to join that punching him club.]

Within that facility, we were all lead to believe that we were taken from our worlds. In reality however, we were only clones of the original being. I am...one of those. Thus far, only one other person from the facility has been made known to me, and that was Yusuke Urameshi. If anyone has any questions regarding this matter, or knows of anyone else from it, contact me immediately.

Also, if others can inform me more about this tower, it would be appreciated. As it stands, I understand the basics of it. [Though is highly skeptical of the world being destroyed.]

And...if anyone--[He shakes his head, frowning. He was doubtful she was here, but if she was...He looked back at the camera again.]

Lucy, if you are here, please contact me immediately.

That is all.