[ Whilst the first thing he'd have liked to do would be to find those in the Tower he counts as friends and reassure them, the months spent in a blood-soaked and rotten Tai kingdom gave him much to think about, and a determination to be of use. SO. He's figured out these terminals already, and he had plenty of time to come up with something to say as he roamed a land so dead even spirits and demons had abandoned it.

Whilst he looks weary and worn, the aura of a ruler of the Twelve Kingdoms isn't so easily banished. ]

Citizens of the Tower. I have been unforgivably late in introducing myself, excepting those few I have had the fortune to meet in person. I am Gyousou, given name Saku, and I was the Peace-King of the kingdom of Tai... until its destruction. [ a wry smile. ] I appreciate that such a title means little, but I hope that those in need of advice or my paltry century of experience will not hesitate to seek it.

As I have been gone awhile, some... [ He glances down at the date on the monitor- ] half a season, I see, I have missed much. Should you have any information on what has happened in the time since summer ended, I would like to hear it.