22 July 2013 @ 06:04 pm
So now that we've seen what this did, who else has some brilliant plan they're hiding? Let me hear it, I'm due for a good laugh.

Also who wants to take bets on this Jason month being extra horrible? Just as a public service announcement:

Asking him to take you instead of other people doesn't work. At all. I mean yeah you'll get what they got or were going to get, but they'll still get hurt. So don't be an idiot.

[Private to Yu Narukami] )
19 May 2013 @ 06:11 pm
[...Woooow there's a lot of posts on the network today. A lot of people sound really worried about a lot of crazy-sounding things...but what she's got to say doesn't sound that crazy, all things considered.

Worried as she is, Rise is still an idol at heart, and she smiles for the camera like a movie star.]

Hi hi! Rise Kujikawa here, bringing you all an important message!

I know things are kinda crazy today, and lots of people are saying really weird stuff, buuuut this is a little different, because this one's not that unbelievable.

So everyone, be really careful if you're eating the cafeteria food! There might be poisonous plants in it...and honestly, in a place like this, I'd say you're better off safe than sorry.

[Filtered to the Investigation Team + Nanako, Hidetoshi, Luke, Tohko, and (after a moment's debate) Asch, Ken, and Frederick + EDITED (at Luke's request) TO INCLUDE TEAR]

Even if it's not true, I don't think we should risk it, guys... So...who wants to go hunting and who wants to help me see what we can find to make in the kitchen? We should meet up for meals somewhere at least twice a day, and maybe we could invite more people, too.

[EDIT: brief additional video, filtered to the same crew as above]

Senpai says to meet up in the cafeteria, and we'll decide where to go from there!
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[Yukiko has seen the writing on the wall, and she feels like she has to say something about it. She thinks she's hit 'voice' on the terminal. But because the terminals themselves like to play tricks at the worst times, of course, it's coming up as video.

And she has no idea.

Her face is approximately the color of her sweater as she starts to speak.]

A-ah, hello. This is Yukiko Amagi. Um, I think everyone's...probably seen what's written on the dorm walls.

[She still doesn't realize that this is video, so her little sigh and toss of her hair and added blush? All perfectly visible.]

...that whole 'Amagi Challenge' thing? It's kind of embarrassing, but that's how people referred to trying to actually get me to go out with them back home. I was always really busy with working and school, and, well, I didn't always read the situation well. So I pretty much wound up always saying no to everyone that tried asking me out on a date.

[She giggles, then, playing with a bit of her hair and smiling.]

But, well...I guess there's no sense in hiding it anymore, is there? I was going to say something to my friends privately, but since everyone can see it for themselves, I really shouldn't deny the truth. I'm dating Ryoji Mochizuki. And I'm really, really happy.

I think I might even be -

[She claps a hand over her mouth, shaking her head furiously.]

No, no, I can't say that much, not in such a public space! It's one thing to say the truth, but I can't tell everyone everything that I feel! There are things in a girl's heart that she just can't say in such a public space.

I just - it's not moving too fast, okay? Maybe we do spend a lot of time together, but that's perfectly normal! It's fine to want to be around someone you're going out with! Sheesh, saying things like that is way too much.

So that's that, all right? That's the truth of the situation, nothing more.
21 April 2013 @ 03:01 pm
Hello, everyone. This is Yukiko Amagi.

...I was one of the people that was modified last week. I wanted to apologize to anyone I hurt when I wasn't entirely in control of myself. I know that what happened wasn't my fault, but it still hurt other people. I never wanted to do that, and I'm sorry.

[She pauses for a moment, fiddling with her hair, then takes a deep breath and looks into the camera, to continue.]

Something else that I wanted to say is that I understand what it's like to look at what you did when you weren't entirely yourself and be shocked. It really hurts, and it makes you look at yourself differently. But I want everyone to remember this: we all have our shadows. Those shadows may not be pleasant, and they might hurt sometimes. But they shouldn't hold you back, either. The best thing to do is to find a way to accept your shadows and then move forward.

It isn't the easy path to take, but it's the one where you'll find the strength to go forward. I know, because I've been there, and I'm stronger for it.

[And her expression softens, and she manages a little smile.]

The last thing I wanted to say here is that I'm not angry at anyone who was ordering me around or anyone that hurt me. I know that wasn't really you talking, and I know people do things when they're afraid that they wouldn't normally do. I forgive you. I understand if you don't want to be friends, but if you ever want to talk or anything, you can come find me.

Inaba folks, check-in? Are you okay, after all that?
01 March 2013 @ 12:33 pm
[John isn't typically one for waking up early in the morning, but with as much as he needs to do today he needs as early a start as he can get. His first stop is the mail room, where he sets about putting the following note into the mailbox for every tower resident. Because this seems like a much safer option than the network.]

[Once all the letters have been delivered and breakfast devoured, he heads to the library to take care of TDL item number 2: finding a fighting mentor.]

cut for bright blue courier )

((ooc: For those who don't know, John managed to get a video recording of the soul extraction process during the Something Unexpected event. And like hell is he not going to share it after all that. I really didn't want to copypasta the same note onto a billion mailbox posts so I figured this would be easier. I'll be tossing up a log to actually thread out the tape showings either later on today or tomorrow. If you want your character to run into him in the mailroom on this post though, that's a-ok with me.))
27 February 2013 @ 10:06 pm
The network comes on painfully--the terminals crackle with energy like there was some sort of wild power surge going through the Tower. Every terminal turns on at once. The display is broken at first, but slowly it stabilizes, the display just behind Zo's shoulder. White-hot energy pulses from him--it looks like he’s forced the display on somehow. Monitors flicker in and out of view in the room; it seems to be some sort of control center composed of floating screens and input devices. The room is large, making it hard to see the ends from the display, but aside from Zo there are two others in the room.

Riki looks a bit worse for wear and, as opposed to his usual stoic demeanor, has an expression approaching furious. Most of Zo's energy seems concentrated around him like a barrier, and the monitors whirl around behind RIki now, following some sort of unspoken command. The world shifts abruptly, providing a different angle on the confusing situation.

The laughter that echoes around the chamber is deep, dark and somehow primordial. There’s another figure looking exactly like Riki, but the features are twisted, the indifferent disposition morphed into a terrible smirk. From his hand a wave of dark energy smashes into the room, sending whatever was still standing flying over.

"Come now! Is this the best defense system this place has to offer to one of its grand administrators? Cowering behind a child? Well, I do suppose considering everything about this world, it should not be the least bit surprising."

He took another step.

"So tell me, how did your little ants enjoy their trip into the central throne?"

The various scattered objects freeze in place as Riki draws in his screens; the screens seem to be made of the air itself, or something similar, and he alters and pulls at them as easily as if they were tied to him by a thousand strings. "Not your business," he growls. Another swipe of his screens and the objects morph, shifting into swords that fly at the false Riki. "Stop wearing my face."

Zo shrinks back against the wall. His barriers don’t fall, but he obviously doesn't enjoy the violence taking place.

"Not my business? I am darkness that makes up the Collective Unconsciousness! My primary sources of power, the three poisons that make up life, Anger, Ignorance and Vengeance are ripe in this world!"

Nyarlathotep raises his other hand and catches the swords, looking almost bored.

"Humans are strange...I came here because of the despair that fills every orifice of this tower...the desire for all of you to put an end to this, and now you would try to whisk me away?"

The swords melt into a puddle of metal on the floor, and suddenly he is besides Zo, trying to violently push him away.

Zo shrieks, clearly terrified, but his barriers cover him as they cover Riki, and they crackle with raw energy in their owner’s defense. Riki alters something on his screens and the metal rises up, forming itself into some sort of great mercurial beast that lunges at Nyarlathotep. "Leave the kid out've it, you attacked me first."

"Hahaha! What’s this? Feeling sentimental about another?" Nyarlathotep had barely even flinched from touching the other. "But is not your personal interest simply tied to the tower itself? I suppose even a monkey will brand its tools when backed in a corner..."

At his turn, the giant creature is lit aflame, crying out as the fire causes the skin to bubble, crack and expand. Soon it has enlarged into strands of burned mercury before a slap from the other Riki makes it fall into dust.

"Ha ha ha! Do you not know where the term, 'mad as a hatter' comes from? I've given humanity much fun with that element!"

At his turn, he summons forth a demon, as it moves forward, casting a spell in an attempt to poison both of the tower residents.

Zo flinches at the monster, but steps forward nonetheless--or rather leaps in a burst of childish energy. "Stop--stop it! Stop it!"

The screen turns white and crackles--it’s barely possible to make out the figures, let alone what’s going on, but whatever Zo's done tears the demon into six or seven pieces. Then the light gets brighter--there’s a different sort of crackle. It sounds like the monitor itself is breaking, because it is. The screen warps and fills with static before the video cuts out completely.

They can hear the battle still going on, however, Nyarlathotep speaking for one final time.

"Hmph! Regardless of how much you struggle, the end will be the same! Just like the worlds of the disembodied souls you siphon into recycled bodies over and over, this one will also meet its end! Now the question is, how much are you willing to risk?"

Another explosion cracks apart what sound remains. The feed cuts out.
22 November 2012 @ 11:24 pm
Does anyone know else understand what I'm saying? I know one of the guys of Gas Chamber can, but what's comin' out of my mouth is all weird... (In French)

[And a few minutes later, this quality drawing shows up using the internal painter] program

My name is Jun Kurosu. Some of you may remember me from the body swap fiasco.

Others have offered their translation services and I thought perhaps I could help as well. I'm fluent in English, Japanese, and French, and I know some German and Spanish as well. If you need help communicating with anyone who knows those languages, please let me know.

If you speak a language that is in the same family as those, I can try my best to help with that too. It shouldn't be too difficult. At least as long as this keeps up.

[The next part seems to be added after the fact;]

I suppose if anyone wants to learn any of those languages after this mess too, I can assist. In addition, has anyone been able to figure out how the language of this world works?

[The message is repeated and rewritten in every language that he lists, though the German and Spanish versions are a bit broken grammar-wise.]
[Normally he'd actually draw better, but he's so freaking pissed and annoyed that you'll get this. Also his terrible handwriting.]

Yo! You guys all better listen up and read Senpai's post, cause this shit's important. I drew somethin' to give you an idea of what we're up against.

[He holds it up and...]

But uh, if you end up denyin' it....and I can't really blame you, we'll come help you deal with it. Got that?
10 July 2012 @ 08:08 pm
[Alright Kanji, you've told Yu once that you weren't afraid of what you were anymore and this is the perfect time to prove it. Prove it your a man. A man with amazing sewing skills and a party that is coming up fast and might have a few people who require your aid that you'd gladly share. So do it. Do it now.

When the feed opens, there is Kanji, scratching the back of his neck.]

Hey uhh...this is Kanji Tatsumi.

S-some of you might know me already but...look if you guys need someone to help you with your outfits for that party...I can do that. I'm...real good with sewing. If you need an outfit I can try to make one for you out of the materials we have, but there ain't much. Best deal is that I can also take your old stuff and patch it up, or use that material to make something else.

And if you got a problem with a guy bein' able to do that...that ain't my problem, alright? Take it or leave it - I don't care.

[He starts to say something else, but stops and just closes it down. That should be enough, right?]
09 May 2012 @ 10:56 pm
[The visage appearing over the video feed was...less than amused, honestly. MAKO green eyes framed with silver narrowed in growing consternation, as this particular user had been trying to make sense of this strange simulation for the last hour or so. With little luck, as this place damned sure wasn't his HQ field tent.

Not to mention that this thing in his hand certainly doesn't look like his PHS, there's a bloody collar around his neck (and for that, heads will roll, oh yes), his sword is nowhere to be found and some idiot considered it humorous to leave cryptic notes at the foot of his bunk... Needless to say, Sephiroth's temper with it was quickly evaporating.]

...I do not find this particularly amusing, gentlemen. We have work to be done, these pranks are better left for your celebrating at mission's completion.

[Granted, finding himself in a completely different place than the one in which he'd arrived the previous day did little to mollify his irritation, either. But, no matter the situation, a SOLDIER always kept a level head. ...most of the time.]

Fair! Strife! Report in, immediately!
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17 April 2012 @ 11:49 pm
[Since Kanji can't really leave private messages because how does one work those computers properly, he knocks on Link's door.]

Hey, anyone there? I need to talk with Link.
14 April 2012 @ 03:43 am
[Hey there tower- you know this face? She doesn't make it a point to use the network often, but when she does, it's usually for a good reason. Today's reason seems to be making announcements, settled in the library with tea beside her and her sketchbook in hand as ever.]

Strega- we will have breakfast tomorrow. All of us. Please don't make me have to come and bring you down. It would assuredly not be worth the trouble.

[Don't make her do it boys. It'll be ugly. Or at the very least, unpleasant.]

Willow- I have more things ready for you, if you would care to come try them on. I feel I may need to request a few more types of fabric from the tower if I am to continue, however. I would like to get the rest of these done properly or not at all.

[Because so many projects, so little of the necessary fabric to use- but half-assing things isn't her style.]

There is one more matter I'd care to bring up, if I may. Her Imperious Condescension, if I might request your attention a moment.

[She picks up her tea then, fingers curling delicately around the cup. It's not an actual request of course, because she takes another sip and continues on regardless-]

It has come to my attention that you have taken issue with the fact that one of your subjects is in a moirallegiance with me. While I am certain you have nothing but his best interests at heart- [she's absolutely sure of the opposite, actually]- I feel I must implore you to kindly mind your own quadrants. Presuming of course, there are any more of your subjects here loyal or willing enough to enter into them with you. If not, perhaps you should look into finding a quadrant-mate outside of the limited number of your people- it seems to be working out just fine for some of the rest of them, after all.

[She takes another sip of her tea, then sets it aside and reaches forward toward the console.]

Ah- and if you should hurt him again like you did before, I believe you will find that not everyone is quite so willing to let you do as you please, Highness.

[Chidori out, yo.]