04 December 2012 @ 08:07 am
[Mami has never used the terminals before - ever. But she feels she needs to now, in the wake of...everything.]

This thing is workin', isn' it? Aye, well - Ah admit Ah'm no good wi' these things...but tha's no' what this be abou'.

[She clears her throat, briefly.]

Me name's Mami, and Ah've been workin' on farmin' here since Ah arrived. Now min', that giant critter what came by a while ago ruined some o' it, but the point be tha' some o' the crops 'ave come in by now. Ah'm jus' one person, an' the farm was no' so big, but Ah reckon - Ah reckon it migh' 'elp those wha' need it, jus' a bit.

All Ah'm askin' is tha' ye return what seeds ye can from the crops t' me, so's Ah can plant 'em for the next harvest.

...Reckon the only fair way o' doin' this is firs' come firs' serve, an' the crops're on the thirty-third floor. Thank ye for yer time, an' Ah'm only sorry Ah could no' grow more of 'em.

[ooc: Mami will be replying, but if you reply in text she'll just be confused, as she is mostly illiterate, so please keep this in mind. Thank you! c:]