Hey... I have a favor to ask. I need help from both of you.

Shinji is here. I know you two may not think very highly of him... but could you please keep an eye on him for me?
02 November 2012 @ 11:54 am
[Filtered to the Sabers]

I have a question for you. Both of you. I hope that's okay.

[Filtered from Extra Saber]

Um... I have a question. And a request. Is it possible to make things in the tower? Food, I mean. I know they provide us with food, but I'd really like to try making something of my own.

[She frets a little, but doesn't hesitate much when she speaks up again.]

... And that's where the request comes in. I was hoping someone would be able to teach me how to make something. A... a cake, to be exact.