[The feed turns on to show a young 'girl' blushing brightly. 'She' shyly averts her eyes and can't quite look at the camera at first then 'she' takes a deep breath and looks into the camera with renewed confidence. 'Her' filters should work after all. This programming prodigy has written the codes 'herself' after all and checked them numerous times. That doesn't stop 'her' from stammering though. This is so embarrassing! But it's been troubling 'her' for a while now and since 'she' has decided to be strong and not run away from anything anymore...]

A-ano... does... does anyone know how one can tell if... if a friendship is perhaps more than just a friendship? How do you tell if you perhaps like someone... more than a friend? How do you know if that person feels the same way or not? I...

[There's a pause... then a frantic...] T-Thank you very much for your kind attention!

((Edit: Forward dated to 1 Sept when filters don't fail... orz))