Ah, hello everyone. For those of you who have not met me, My name is Fado, the Wind Sage. I hail from the same land as the Heroes in green you've no doubt seen traipsing around here. [His tone is poking fun at them, but he's smiling with pride nevertheless.]

One such green Hero is the young child from the Forest. There is an older version of him here as well, though it is not he who I need to address at this moment. It seems he has recently disappeared from this place... [His usual smile turns to a concerned frown.] Another hero that was very close to me also disappeared, though this was long ago. I had hoped that it was only a temporary situation for either of them, but as more time wears on, it seems that neither are anywhere to be found... If anyone has any news of them, please let me know, though I am doubtful to hear any good tidings.

On a related topic... before I lost track of the young Forest Link, he gave me a gift-- his bow and arrows, in fact. [And he help up the bow with both hands as he looked down on it.] I urged him to keep it for himself, but he insisted; as dangerous as this place is, I am a bit embarrassed to admit that I have no way of defending myself [And his smile was a bit sheepish now.] Though I was gifted with spiritual attunement, I have no such magic as the ways of spells and conjuring as I'm sure is common here. He told me I should learn.

[He doesn't.... really want to make the next request, but he knows that he kind of has to.] Unfortunately, as he has disappeared and I have no experience with any sort of combat situation-- I was wondering if there was anyone that might be able to help me in learning how to use this? I would be greatly in your debt if you would.

If anyone needs anything from me however, I would be glad to offer my assistance to anyone, especially in the wake of such a disaster as what plagued us not that long ago. My door is always open to those that might need help.
10 July 2012 @ 06:11 pm
-So is this how it works?

[On the screen is a small girl, looking about 13, dressed in green and far away from her home. Her eyes glance down a few times, reading the piece of paper in her lap and following its every instruction. Clearly the word technology is foreign to her, let alone the ability to use it.]

Good thing the letter is so thorough, I would've never learned to use this by myself. Of course, I could always be talking to myself instead. I really hope not.

[She lets out a small nervous laugh, but she really does mean it. Just knowing anyone else was out there.]

It's so quiet here, I can't hear anything. Not even the faintest calling from the spirits. Everything here is so cold and hard, so different from the forest. It's actually a little scary...but I guess it's the way things have to be.

[Her eyes saddened a little. This was all real, she could feel it deep down. But then there was always a harder truth to accept.]

What that letter said, about home being destroyed, I don't believe it's a lie. After all, everything passes in time. But for there to have been so little left...I failed in my duties. I'm so sorry everyone.

[As a Sage, she should've been able to see this destruction come. She should've been able to do something...]

If anyone can hear me, my name is Saria. I'm looking for my friends. There are the Sages like myself: Rauru, Darunia, Ruto, Impa, Nabooru, and Princess Zelda; the other Kokiri children....Link....If any of those sound familiar, please let me know.
02 May 2012 @ 12:39 pm
[Switch off the labyrinth and check the network proper on any one of the terminals, and you shall be greeted by the stern, stoic face of one Princess of Hyrule. She looks somewhat tired, like she hasn't had a good night's sleep, but even so, there is a tranquil sort of absolute fury in her eyes.]

Is it possible to access the locked elevator without the clear- or red-collared workers' "assistance"?