}↠ Just out of almost idle curiosity
}↠ Is there anything to eat in this place
}↠ That is not currently over-saturated with sugar
}↠ Or the color pink
}↠ It has come to my attention the presence of certain, shall we call them unexpected elements
}↠ Native from my world
}↠ That one would have thought impossible to be found in here
}↠ Is this to be a common occurrance at all

[No, he doesn't mean the Grand Highblood. Someone had a run in with an imperial drone and died, because he's too stupid to run. So he's caught between having died a horrific death, and being just bemused in general. He's in the library if you want to pester him in person, quietly growling at the terminals because the one time he decides to use the network, it's being uncooperative.]
}↠ Well
}↠ The last two weeks are most definitely
}↠ A thing that just happened
}↠ Undeniably
}↠ Perhaps someone could spare a moment and confirm if such a thing
}↠ As being taken from this place and put somewhere else entirely
}↠ Is a common occurance? Or should I perhaps be far more
}↠ Annoyed
}↠ That I already am?

[Darkleer's in the library. Which means he's attracting monsters by using the terminal. Which means they attempt to interrupt him. Which annoys him some more. Which means he's punching them with all his ridiculous STRENGTH. Which means he goes back to using the terminals. Which means there are more monsters. And more punching. And more anger. Etc.

...you might want to avoid the library for a while? Or maybe come in and get him out of the ridiculous rut he just got himself into. Or just bring popcorn. That works too.]