02 September 2012 @ 01:02 am
*The new floors threw him off for a bit. But this wasn't Meridian, and if Jason was watching over them, who knew what he might try. Forgetting to speak could be a fatal mistake.

So here Enoch is, sitting tall and eyes focused, if worried. He speaks in an even tone, a subtle strength to his voice despite its softness.*

The man among our hosts watching us now hasn't given us much to live on - and I believe he's the sort that wants to see us risk the restaurant's task for it.

*A deep breath.* I urge all of you, don't give in. The food may be tempting, but they'll ask an impossible task of you - I searched the entire tower four times over, never stopping to rest, and could not find what they requested. ...I later learned, after nearly dying, that my kidney had vanished.

*Another pause, and he swallows, trying to push the memory of that sickeningly frantic and frightening search to the back of his mind again. To try and forget how unsettling it was that they could simply alter his body without warning or sign...* The forest has game to hunt; I could teach anyone who is interested.

...Could someone teach me how to create one of those interactive references I've seen here at times? If you do, I'll keep a list of alternatives here as others suggest them.

*A few minutes after the post goes live, a text post is added, with Enoch replying to his own reply to link to the alternatives.*

Someone has told me how to create a link, and the alternatives I haven't already mentioned will be gathered here.
Hey guys.

Betting it's a Jason month this time.

Mostly 'cuz I woke up with a note pinned to my hand with a scalpel.

So if you were planning on anything that isn't the tower being more awful, sorry, you're gonna have to put that on hold.

That's pretty much all I got to say. Peace.
31 August 2012 @ 07:34 pm
[April looks both very cheerful and a bit... woobly when the feed clicks on. And her voice sounds a bit slurred when she speaks, almost as if she was a bit drunk]

Captain Jack, I finished that rum you wanted me to make! I couldn't leave it for years like the recipe said though, but a few days worked! It's in the cafeteria for whenever you want some!

… Oh, and since I made a lot of it, anyone else can help themselves to some of it, if they want! It's been a while since I made alcohol, but it still tastes pretty good.

[Welp, that explains why she's a bit drunk.

But just like she said, there are two large bowls of rum in the cafeteria. April is already drinking through the stuff and the Bullfairy she adopted can be seen wobbling around by her feet and making low, hiccuping sounds, having apparently drank some of the rum too.]
[ After Sertoria's noticed something's wrong with the coffee maker and weird behavior, especially Allen's transformation, she knew she had to inform others before people were hurt. So, here we are. She looks to be focused, but there's vague hints of worry in her eyes. ]

Attention, everyone. Please listen to what I have to say.

If you go into the cafeteria or anywhere where there is food being served, please do not drink or eat anything as I am certain it has been tampered with in some way. I tried to identify what, if any, poisonous substances could be laced in the drinks itself and my database was unable to find a source.

I also am to believe that this substance can transform others, either be by a monster or something else. Please exert caution when approaching them.

I do not know if this is the administration's doing or one of our own. If anyone out there has any information, it would b appreciated. I can show what I have seen as proof, too.

Be safe when this is happening. Thank you for your time.
[The feed turns on to show a young 'girl' blushing brightly. 'She' shyly averts her eyes and can't quite look at the camera at first then 'she' takes a deep breath and looks into the camera with renewed confidence. 'Her' filters should work after all. This programming prodigy has written the codes 'herself' after all and checked them numerous times. That doesn't stop 'her' from stammering though. This is so embarrassing! But it's been troubling 'her' for a while now and since 'she' has decided to be strong and not run away from anything anymore...]

A-ano... does... does anyone know how one can tell if... if a friendship is perhaps more than just a friendship? How do you tell if you perhaps like someone... more than a friend? How do you know if that person feels the same way or not? I...

[There's a pause... then a frantic...] T-Thank you very much for your kind attention!

((Edit: Forward dated to 1 Sept when filters don't fail... orz))
27 August 2012 @ 03:11 pm
[When the video starts, the first thing I'm sure anyone would notice is that Kidou isn't wearing his goggles. For once, everyone can see his gorgeous red eyes. And if anyone were inclined to notice this kind of thing, he looks dead beat tired and a bit like he had rolled all over some dirt though that's not the case. Needless to say, he looked like a mess.]

Good afternoon... this is Kidou Yuuto.

[His voice doesn't have the normal liveliness to it, either.]

I was wondering if there was anyone who could work with glass in the Tower. [He holds up his goggles, showing off a bad crack in the right lens.] I'm not sure if anyone could fix this kind of crack, but if you'd be willing to help out, I'd really appreciate it. Even making a new lens would be okay.

... These goggles are really important to me.
25 August 2012 @ 05:09 am
[It's about time she tried this thing out, so here she is sitting in the library.]

Heya! Thought I'd make a broadcast and here it is! This is the United States of America speaking. Crazy I know, I bet you're all like, "Oh shit, she's so awesome!" Don't worry if you can't handle how great I am, that's totally natural and everything.

[SHE CLAPS her hands together once and rubs them together in apparent anticipation.] Now that I'm here, these Tower dudes really have it comin'. See, I'm gonna get you guys outta here. Don't know how, where or when, but I promise! [slams a fist into her palm with a firm nod, determination glittering in her eyes.]

Between now and whenever the hell that is, let's get to know each other! You got that part about me being America, which is totally like... the best part, and also that I'm fuckin' awesome. Yeah that's right, I'm the U.S. of A. Comin' right atcha from...

[she looks around]

Uh. This library. [A pout. Which immediately disappears, because she's back to smiling again.]

Whatev, whatev. [Who could ever tell she's looking for information? Really looking, actually. It's a ruse.

... It's a ruse, and she really is showing everyone how fabulous she is. And don't you forget it.]

Peace out homies, and stay frosty!~ [she points at the screen and mock-shoots it with her finger, and with a wink from Amelia, the broadcast ends.]
I'm sorry. I know this is a bad time, and everyone's minds are on their friends, and how to fix things, and so is mine, but I need to ask. If you want to answer, great. If not, I definitely understand. No hard feelings.

I keep trying to sort out how to ask this, but I can't, so I'm just going to write down a list here. But, mostly?

I need to ask about death.

I know this might be a touchy subject for a lot of people, so just answer whatever you want. However many or however few or none. Filter it, if that helps, or make it anonymous. I've seen people do that, and that's all okay with me. But anything you can tell me, I'd really appreciate it.

[She's got a theory, and it's a doozy.]

Ten questions, in no particular order )

I'm sorry. I know that's a lot of questions. But I have a lot of questions. Like I said, though, you don't have to answer all of them. Or any. I know everyone has a lot on their minds right now, and this probably doesn't help.

But, if you can, thank you. [She hopes you prove her wrong, fellow prisoners.] Really, thank you.

01 August 2012 @ 12:41 pm
I know a lot of you have noticed the unconscious people... so I'm not going to talk about that right now. Though it is worrying, and if anyone has any information about why it's happened, please tell me.

[It's obvious the boy isn't in highest spirits. He looks completely drained, and he's not even bothering to fake a smile. There's also a pause before he speaks up again, his voice a bit quiet and he's not looking at the screen anymore. It's as if he's scared to speak...] This message wasn't for the purpose of discussing the unconscious though...

It's been a few days, but I'm still bothered and I'm sure a lot of you are still upset too... So I would like to apologize for... bringing up what I brought up during the recent meeting. I feel as though the purpose of that meeting was a bit ruined and derailed and it's my fault.... so... [He steps back from the screen and bows deeply.]

I'm sorry.
10 July 2012 @ 06:11 pm
-So is this how it works?

[On the screen is a small girl, looking about 13, dressed in green and far away from her home. Her eyes glance down a few times, reading the piece of paper in her lap and following its every instruction. Clearly the word technology is foreign to her, let alone the ability to use it.]

Good thing the letter is so thorough, I would've never learned to use this by myself. Of course, I could always be talking to myself instead. I really hope not.

[She lets out a small nervous laugh, but she really does mean it. Just knowing anyone else was out there.]

It's so quiet here, I can't hear anything. Not even the faintest calling from the spirits. Everything here is so cold and hard, so different from the forest. It's actually a little scary...but I guess it's the way things have to be.

[Her eyes saddened a little. This was all real, she could feel it deep down. But then there was always a harder truth to accept.]

What that letter said, about home being destroyed, I don't believe it's a lie. After all, everything passes in time. But for there to have been so little left...I failed in my duties. I'm so sorry everyone.

[As a Sage, she should've been able to see this destruction come. She should've been able to do something...]

If anyone can hear me, my name is Saria. I'm looking for my friends. There are the Sages like myself: Rauru, Darunia, Ruto, Impa, Nabooru, and Princess Zelda; the other Kokiri children....Link....If any of those sound familiar, please let me know.
06 July 2012 @ 07:58 am
Self Defense - Hand to hand Training Class

For anyone interested in gaining or renewing combat skills. Single opponent, group and monster tactics.

Beginner to advanced. Will have to take placement test/demonstration.
Weapons Training - Staff, Sword, and Gun

For anyone interested in gaining or renewing combat skills with a weapon. Against single and multiple opponents, with focus on monsters.

Beginner to advanced. Must complete Self Defense or take placement test/demonstration.

All training sessions will take place on Floor 25 starting 0900 hours.

Payment negotiable. Contact either Reno or Siira if interested.
03 July 2012 @ 11:06 am
[ Hey there, kids. Somebody's decided to take the time to test this network thing out, so here he is, coming to you live from the nineteenth floor.

He gestures at the camera. ]

So, dudes and dudettes- a question: What's the worst thing that's happened since you've been here?

[ He tilts his head at the screen, a wry look on his face. ]

Color me curious.
[ The video clicks on to show Dolorosa fussing with the computer. Well, most of her. Only the bottom of her head is visible, as whoever used this terminal last is far shorter than she is. After a few moments of this, the camera shakes and refocuses to show her face, and after double-checking it against the display on the monitor, she smiles and places her hands in her lap.

She looks tired, and the bags under her eyes have deepened from getting very little sleep this past month.

Well, I'm pleased to see they have heard and followed my suggestion to improve the cafeteria menu! The recent state of affairs has been simply atrocious, we can't have growing children expected to receive their necessary sustenance from such negligent offerings.

More than this, it allows little excuse for one to not eat healthfully, so I must encourage you all to observe your proper nutritional schedule each day. Should you require assistance, or perhaps more direct motivation, [ ie. her pulling you by the ear to the cafeteria ] my services remain available.

I'm glad to see local operations improving following the dreadful events of the past weeks.

[ Of course, she...doesn't know about the puffer fish soup... ]
02 July 2012 @ 05:29 pm
I-Is this thing on?

[The screen shows Tara, looking more than a little confused and lost as she fiddles around with the settings on the terminal. Those of who you know her might be able to tell that she's different in appearance. Gone is most of the softness to her body. Now, muscles can be seen on her arms, as her shaking hands move over the terminal's settings. Her face is leaner, more angled, less round. Even so, she still looks healthy. She's lost weight, since being voted out and dropped back into the tower. But she hasn't starved. She's taken care of herself.

She also looks like she's been crying. Even now, Tara takes a swipe at her eyes as though chasing away the last few tears.]

It's...is it usual for people to be just...gone? To just...go away and, a-and not be here anymore?

...does anyone know what happens to them? I mean...our worlds, th-they're gone, right? So...if they're not here...w-where are they?

[But she knows. She knows in her heart what's happened. And so Tara plunges on, onto new concerns, onto new friends, onto new life and new problems that she might just be able to do something about. Tara wipes at her eyes, sniffles a bit more, and then forces herself to look back up at the camera.]

Well...it looks like the food's back, a-and the power, and...I've seen some people that, th-that I thought were in the pods with us. Guess that means it's over, right? That's...th-that's good. That's s-something.

Are you all okay? Everyone? Being back here, and all. I mean...I-I can't do a lot, with healing. But I can do some. I know a potion. Trust me. I-It helps. So, i-if you're still not feeling great...give me a call.

...I'm okay. [Some of you will know that this is directed very deliberately at you.] I mean, I'm tired, but...I-I'm okay.

Cut for length and Tara making plans for future )

...th-thank you.

((ooc: Holy frack, sorry for the TL;DR. But these were all the points weighing heavily on Tara's mind, and I thought it made sense for her to get them all out of the way at once. I'll be making a proper log post in a couple of days, in case anyone would prefer to catch her there.))

23 May 2012 @ 10:56 pm
[Taro's voice is unlike what those who met him his first day here would have heard. It's actually serious. His expression is grim.]

I know you guys saw that too. Whoever these people are - the people who run this place, I'm guessing? Whoever they are, they seem pretty sick. Vivisection? Really?

[He struggles to keep his expression from turning to anger.]

So, a few things.

First of all, yes, I know they can probably hear this.

Second, if anyone would like to fill me in on this 'Q&A session' that apparently happened before I got here.

Third, which was the reason I was going to make this post before that broadcast... is it just me or are some of the floors... draining, in some ways? Like you aren't up to your full potential? Like the uh... what was it. Thirty second floor?

[He's not going to explicitly mention abilities yet, but it's what he means.]

... Thanks. And my name's Taro Watanabe, for those of you I haven't met yet.
[Lina pops on the screen, and looks...confused and irritated more than anything.]

16 May 2012 @ 12:00 pm
[For one who could take on so many forms like Nyarlathotep, he preferred speaking only through either voice or text. Using video would show only one of his many faces and that hardly was the correct experience one should have when dealing with him. And so, this is how he'll address the residents of the Tower.]

Although the world has ended, we were never given an explanation of how, were we? I wonder. I'm sure you all have your own ideas on how it came to that. So, then. Who would like to begin? Let's make this a group discussion.