14 May 2012 @ 03:42 pm
Arthur Kirkland here.
I am finding that i am in

nened of asaissitnance

thers sosmrhgting vryee wrongw tih em

[There are a few more messages that cross the line completely into incoherence, before finally:]

swithcign to video

[The feed flickers on, and-- yes, that most certainly is England. Or it looks sort of like him for all of two seconds before he doubles over with his head in his hands, blue and red psionic sparks crackling over his body as it shifts -- struggling between something like a tortoise shell and a werewolf, or something vaguely structured similarly to one. Spines ripple beneath his flesh and a few manage to extend outwards, easily tearing through his shirt (or what's left of it -- he's clearly been fighting with his body for quite a while now). His skin tightens over his bones and almost deadens in appearance before England finally reigns the shifting in for a moment.

He's still clutching his head with one hand, though the other has moved to his chest. Bruises show on his neck where it appears someone -- or something -- has tried to strangle him. Along with the bolts of psionic energy, wisps of fox fire occasionally burst into existence in the air around him, usually when he chokes on his own breath. With a strangled noise of pain, books come flying off the shelves behind him, thudding into a surface off-screen.

Finally, he finds it in himself to look into the camera. His eyes flicker with the alternating colours of the Vision Twofold, and at a close look, the multiple pupils of the Vision Eightfold can be found in the left eye whenever it flickers blue. His voice is hoarse when he speaks.]

Urgent assistance. Please.

[ ooc: a list of the competitors in the labyrinth, along with their powers, can be found here. as of now, it's still in-progress, but if your character was in the labyrinth and i have missed them, or the powers listed are inaccurate, please tell me so i can change it! c: also, THERE IS A REAL CHANCE THAT YOUR CHARACTER COULD GET INJURED IF THEY APPROACH ENGLAND. please be careful. ]