13 January 2013 @ 11:55 am
[To most, this will seem quite unusual. The video was of a certain demon that prowled the halls, only... her visage was significantly older. Her hair was pinned away from a lightly lined face, and bright strands of gray threaded through the mane. Catarina settled back from the terminal, her movements less of the barely contained wild seduction that usually filled her body and more controlled, more in balanced with what she was. But to those who doubted this was the demon they usually saw, the bright mischievous look in her eyes still didn't dim]

To those who recently joined us here in the tower:

I realize many of you may have light fingers, and that bright shiny baubles are irresistible to said digits. That is why I will be kind in saying if you return my necklace to me by the end of the day, I will not remove your head from your neck. If you make me wait, I will be sure that I will be the very painful cause of the first of your many, many deaths here.