18 July 2013 @ 04:30 pm
Two orders of business:

One, who's the person I have to thank for the piece of mail I got, and all the papers strewn about the dorms?

Two, is it just me or has a good chunk of the tower gone batshit insane? I haven't exactly spent the longest time here, and even I can tell this mass boycotting of something that maintains you is a terrible idea.
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24 March 2013 @ 11:25 pm
Why do I never see anyone freaking out about the fact we can't die???

Doesn't that scare you? We can't even escape this place by dying! It's like a game to these people! Why is it no one talks about this!?

[OOC: Obviously backdated a tiny bit.]
[...Frankly? Shepard is actually quite subtly freaked out--no matter how much she's had to put up with over the years, no matter how much mutilation occurs in Shepard's life on a daily basis, it couldn't possibly prepare her for what she saw only a while ago. Ruana consuming Dax, and the fact that her soul is apparently bound to a replica of her current body--this collar must have had something to do with whatever the hell it was, but she was only grasping at straws--hit her all at once like a torpedo to the face.

...But there are still things that need taking care of--things that need doing while they're still here. Thus, when the feed comes on from her end of the dorms, she's putting on the face she's always put on since she started service.]

Considering what just happened, I won't be surprised if any more posts come onto the network with single-minded rage towards Ruana. But it's only going to waste our breath at this point.

We need to buckle up for whatever's ahead. The basics come first--food, supplies, anything you can think of that I might've missed. If anyone has other ideas, pitch 'em here. I'll take them into consideration.

Commander Shepard, out. [With that, the feed cuts. For now, Shepard can be found amongst the corridors of the dorms--though later into the evening that day, she'll be found at any floor where prey is plentiful.]
14 December 2012 @ 11:10 pm
[If there's any reason why Shepard's been oddly absent it's because she's had to nurse Nanako ever since she got sick. Doesn't help that her roommates are not the most sane of people to be leaving her with, so it was either leaving her with Yu so he could keep an eye on her himself now and then, while she goes out to fetch medicine that she thinks might work, or keeping her here and getting her roommates all infected with it if they were even around. And then there's the fact that she might still be at risk in spite of her implants due to the different environment. Nothing like a classic Catch-22...

She waits until the poor girl's asleep before getting onto the network herself while it's still up, holding her forehead to see if she's catching it herself before typing this out.]

Anyone here that's good with medicine? I'd try the usual, but it's not working out so well.
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