25 March 2012 @ 10:12 pm
okay soooooo
oh if anyone does not know
i am echidna! just btw
so back home we have these kind of games we play called tabeltop games!
which are basically roleplaying and strategy games that you play using a guide book, and you make up your own character to play as and you play through a story
one person is called the game master (or dungeon master since one of the most popular modules is called dungeons and dragons) and they design an adventure for the other players to act out through narration. the game master controls the enemies and the non-player characters that you can meet and talk to on the adventure, and combat is based on rolling dice and each character's individual stats.
it is really fun! :D
my friend ammy and i played a lot with our friends back at home
so we were wondering if anyone here wanted to play a campaign with us!
we are going to play with one of our dm's really old homebrew modules called problem sleuth
its reeeaaaaally old
and about detectives!
i mean seriously the pictures are in black and white and everything O_O
except the candy is colored for some reason :?
but it looks really cool and we have been wanting to try it out!
but dick was all like nooooooo were playing sburb you babies
if you do not know anything about tabletop stuff that is ok!
and me and ammy can teach anybody that wants to learn! :)
and i think this module is basically like easy mode stuff
at least there is not much math
but if there is ammy will probably do it for you :V !
so yeah you guys should try it. itll be reeeaaaally cool!!! <3

p.s. does anybody have a baseball cap i can borrow???
and/or a potato