20 May 2012 @ 11:01 pm
Once upon a time, in heaven, Buddha sat down and looked into a pond.
And at the bottom of the pond, he saw hell and the damned.
There was a man, in hell, who only had a single good deed to his name.
Once, while walking in the woods, he chose not to kill a spider he was about to crush with his foot.
Buddha felt pity for the man, and threw down a single spider thread for him to climb out of hell.
The man began to climb, and was amazed to realize he might actually get out of hell that way.
But then he noticed others had started climbing up, too, and he feared the thread would snap.
He yelled at the others to get off, that it was his, and that was when thread did snap.
Down and down went the whole lot tumbling, back into the depths of hell.
And Buddha sighed and went on wandering.