27 March 2012 @ 12:25 am
[Mimio's looking kind of down- after all the mess with the games and power outages and everything, he's still not quite at ease. But he thinks he knows something to help, now it's down to two questions.]

So, are we allowed ta use th' kitchens here, or are we stuck ta what they d'cide ta feed us? 'Cause I'm kinda missin' home and my kitchen right now and I wanna make somethin' b'sides what they're servin' us.

And if I c'n cook here, does anyone else want any? I ain't gonna say I'm a GREAT cook, but I ain't had a bad review yet.

[Given what he's not saying is that he only cooked for one person before this but. The thought's there, right?]

23 January 2012 @ 07:47 pm
[The camera is shaking, and the first thing it pans over is an out of focus black spot around a fuzzier line. The camera slowly adjusts to show an imp with shredded ears, gnarled teeth, and claws that look like knives. As soon as the focus has cleared, though, the lens zooms back to another out of focus figure- a face this time, all silver blond hair and scared blue eyes and-- cat ears?

Mimio's pretty visibly frightened, and he's doing his best to keep his voice down, but it doesn't seem like he's taking any chances, trying to scoot away as quietly as he can, as quickly as he can.]

That... that thing. What was that? If ya didn't get a good look at it a minute ago I ain't goin' back there, sorry, no way.