08 October 2013 @ 07:57 pm
[So, guess who has absolutely no idea how to filter messages?]

Hey! Gold guy! [...] I mean, whoever that gold guy was that I talked to about that psychoradiation stuff. I want to talk to you again, so come meet me in the, um... In the library!

[Yeah. YEAH. With its purpose achieved, the message just kind of...awkwardly ends there. If anyone—Archer or not—stops by the library after this post is made, they will in fact find Nue there, pacing impatiently near the entrance. As per usual, her exact appearance is hidden with her Seeds of Unknown Form.]
12 August 2013 @ 07:56 pm
[There isn't a person seated in front of the terminal. Instead, there's a pair of shadow children, grinning in their typical eerie way. What makes it worse is the way the video on screen doesn't seem to want to display properly, meaning they appear twisted and strange. Nue's voice sounds from somewhere above the camera's range, though, so she must have been the one who turned it on... Her words might not be entirely clear to a listener, and especially with how she isn't facing the terminal directly, but Nue doesn't know how these things work, so.]

I've seen these things before. [Specifically, she saw them when she...woke up in the lower levels, she supposes would be the way to say it. She has been writing off the sense of familiarity as being thanks to that—maybe they're the same ones that tried to carry her off?] Am I the only one?