02 February 2013 @ 06:05 pm
[Currently on the network is one woman with a scarred face and long pink hair. And boy does she ever look annoyed.]

Stupid thing...is it working?

[She stepped back, blue eyes narrowing before a bright smile broke out across her face.]

Hah--! This is quite the development! Can anyone hear me, or am I merely recording my words alone here? [The implications of being entirely on her own didn't seem to bother Rider one bit.]

'Your world was destroyed'...So, some kind of system crash? This must be where deleted data gets shoved off to, right? Doesn't look like any part of the Moon Cell I've seen yet, though...

[The woman shrugged and shook her head, crossing her arms.]

If anyone's hearing this, call me Rider. If not, I suppose I'll make this my new logbook.