07 February 2012 @ 11:31 am
:ε ~the adorabubble sea kitten and ruler of all the currents glubs with her unrestrained curiosity at having new waters to expurrlore~
:ε ~and her cute nose wrinkles beclaws the waves smell diffurrent!~
:ε ~but this isnt a terribubble thing at all!!!~
(:ε ~because the grraceful and beautiful empurress didnt really like where she was befur~
Xε ~and maybe this is the place where she can be the flounder of her mew Alternian empurrer!!!!~
>Xε ~which will be much better than the old one because she will be a much better empurress!!!~
(:ε ~but despite her being supurr dupurr brave she turns and glubs one tiny mew which is both planktive and endearing at efurrything else being destroyed~
>:ε ~which she isnt sure she believes anyway!!!~
:ε ~but even if it was she'd purrsevere which leads her to majestically crest the waves and decree~

(ooc: Please let me know if you want me to drop Nepeta's quirk / go to video in any threads or not!)