[Oh look, it's the resident bowlcut again. He gives a faint nod to the feed before speaking.]

I hope not many of us fell victim to Jason's tricks earlier. It's bad enough that we had to suffer from it. Maybe we should have another party to celebrate? ...With whatever we can gather, anyway.

[Locked to Teddie]

Hey, Teddie. I have a small favor to ask of you. When you see this, meet me on the music floor, alright?

[Locked to Izanami]

...I have a message for you from another, and we need to talk.

["Failed" private, successful anon text to admin]

hey, jason. yu mad, bro?

[Why, yes. Yes, he is trolling! ....Though that might have been a spelling error on his part. Either way, screw you, Jason. WE DO WHAT WE WANT.]
16 September 2012 @ 10:28 pm
Oh, I see how it is.

Well played, Admins, well played.

[...Yeah, not only it's anonymous, but the person behind this post is, by all means, not very amused.]

((OOC: Lelouch has been bodyswapped with Yu Narukami!))
We have taken the liberty of doing some research into the Tower's history and past trends, in hopes of uncovering something about the way this place operates, or solving one of the many mysteries that surrounds it. It would greatly benefit us if you could lend your assistance and help us with our research; the more people that answer the better, as it gives us more data to work with.

We understand that someone's probably sick of these kind of forms, questions and questionnaires, but we've done our best to compile the data from the past ones and hopefully not make it too repetitive, and get to the heart of the matter:

cut for length )

In addition, we have a few more gaps we'd like to fill about the earlier days of the Tower, but it seems that many of the people that were here at the beginning have disappeared. For those that were here in the very early days, we have a few questions about the environment-- nothing too invasive. Your cooperation would be invaluable.

Lastly, we have one more question to posit, both for discussion and for the sake of our curiosity and research; how do souls work in your world? If you have information on how your own soul specifically works and are willing to share it, this would help us a lot.

For any of these queries, if you feel more comfortable locking your answer, this is perfectly acceptable and we will take steps to make sure it is as private as possible. Anonymous posting may also be used if you're dubious as to the functionality of the lock system.

(OOC: responses may come from either [personal profile] morituramfides or [personal profile] beknightedheroine.)
14 July 2012 @ 01:28 pm
[Hei appears on the network again, his face looking slightly brighter than it did two weeks ago. Cooking in the kitchen and wandering the tower had done wonders for his spirit, though not a whole lot. He could at least think better again, and recent activity around the tower had managed to remind him of a few things.

 If the festivities are done for now, I would like to call attention back to the tower and the threats it provides regarding certain creatures here. While I hear that death has not much consequence, it is still something I am sure all of you wish to avoid regardless. [And he'll avoid going into detail as to why death should have been a big concern, mainly for mental reasons.]

Therefore, I wish to offer my services as a trainer, to those that are interested. It won't be easy, but within a few weeks, you'll be far more prepared for a fight here than you normally would. For those interested, simply contact me.

I will also be at the cafeteria regularly during lunch and dinner hours to make meals. If you wish to avoid making a hazardous meal and desire for something more edible, you can contact me.

[Always the best ways to gain information, or throw himself in danger. Either way, info of some kind could be gained.]

That is all.
06 July 2012 @ 12:19 pm
[Good afternoon, Tower. Eikichi is standing in front of the terminal's camera, grinning from ear to ear and looking quite proud of himself. In fact you might say he looks unusually energized.]


Is this thing on...okay it is.

Inhabitants of this stone tower! I, the beautiful, amazing, great, quick-thinking Michel have a proposition for next week. As it so happens that it was the birthday of someone special two days ago, I realized she needs a proper celebration! And considering there hasn't been a good party around here lately, the solution is simple; a proper birthday bash, not just for our bella dama who will be our guest of honor, but also for anyone who hasn't had a proper birthday for the past months.

And as exceptional as he is, Michel can't do this alone! I can help with the decorations and the music, but I know the tower is filled with considerable talent! Chefs! Decorators! Even a few musicians who might have slipped from Michel's grasp when he didn't notice you...reveal yourselves to me so that we may make this the best bash ever!

And...turn that frown upside down! Michel isn't going to stand for it any longer!

Times have been hard and difficult, that's true, but if we don't get a little joy in our lives, we'll just like this place drag us down with it. I'll have none of that and neither should you! As a certain someone I admire would say, 'Let's Positive Thinking!'

So go on, find a mirror, look at yourself and say "I look great today!".

Don't worry I'll be waiting.

[He crosses his arms with a smirk plastered on his face and waits for a full eight seconds before continuing.]

Now that you're all energized and ready to do this...there's more!

It's not just a birthday party and way to cheer everyone up, if you can, bring that lovely lady or the handsome guy! Come as a couple as there will be a competition to crown the lord and lady of the evening! And don't worry, Michel's a very fair man. As much as he knows he's the only true king around, he'll let someone else enjoy it for that night.

So put on your best!

Oh, no date you say? That's not a problem! Do the words Blind Date have any meaning to you? Send me your name -- don't worry Michel won't share -- and he'll set you up with all the others who don't have one. Considering our beautiful chica population lower, you may end up with another guy! But don't worry, a date doesn't mean you need to kiss at all...who knows, you might end up with a new friend! Michel's certain everyone will have a good time regardless! And who knows...you might find true love and you'll have me to be thankful for!

....I know, I know, how can someone like me exist? Sometimes I wonder that too.

So, who's with me?!

[Look at that grin. Look at that face. Look at all this wild energy. Surely it must stir something within you for that...right to fight for your party...]

[As private as Eikichi can make it to the rest of the team members minus Maya]

Jun, you're in charge of making her a proper birthday bouquet. Miyabi, you want to make her a cake? Tatsuya, Lisa...help me find her some presents? If we have to make 'em I don't care.

And everyone's coming to the music room with me! I've been inspired to write her a birthday song and I'll need everyone's help!


[[OOC - Blind Date Signups are Here]]
23 April 2012 @ 05:35 pm
Hey guys! It's Minami. Minami Arisato! How are you tonight? ^o^)/

I was thinking over the past couple days: there's a few of us who go out at night for various reasons: training, patrol, trying to help people who get caught outside by accident. What if we all decided to get together and make ourselves a group?

It's generally safer to go around in a group of some kind, especially with how dangerous some of the things running around are. Kind of like a Night Watch? We could meet up once a week and figure out who we'll go around with, compare notes on the monsters, decide who gets what floors and shifts and things like that so nothing goes uncovered during the Night.

Who's interested?
10 April 2012 @ 03:00 am
[There's a boy on the screen, and he looks rather... confused. And pretty upset, too.]

Destroyed? But... we just... that shouldn't be possible.

[He clutches his scarf tightly.]

It's not possible. It has to be lying.

Anyway. Hey there.

[He smiles a bit, putting on as much of a brave face as he can.]

I'm new here, I guess. My name's Ryoji Arisato. It's nice to meet all of you.

[He pauses, as if he's about to say something else, but then reconsiders, thinks about it another moment, and then shuts off the broadcast.]