08 August 2012 @ 10:10 pm
[ The screen snaps on, revealing the youthful face of a pointy-eared teen looking...not at the camera. His head is tilted at such an angle that one of his red earrings is visible, as is a great deal of hair. It's matted down in the back, as if he's only just taken off a hat he's worn for a while. The top of his beige shirt is just barely visible, but the purple-and-green hilt of his sword is in plain view--and occasionally taps the screen.

Eventually he sits up, his exceptionally thick eyebrows furrowed in concentration and his lips tugged down at the edges. In a second, his expression changes to something more...guarded. ]


Has anyone seen a girl named Zelda here?
17 May 2012 @ 10:04 pm
I would advise against using the network, but given the circumstances there are no other options.

[ Have a Gandalf appearing on the screen- He looks dead serious, yet somehow calm. Anyone paying attention could notice he looks quite tired as well. ]

I need to know what happened in this tower before my arrival- From the first day people were ‘saved’. If there are people who could give me any relevant information, this would be highly appreciated.

I’m most interested in a child who has been mentioned a couple of time yesterday, I believe his name was Zo. From what little I have read, I assume something terrible must have happened.

Text filtered to Zelda, Xion and Fi )
06 April 2012 @ 04:36 pm
[Fi is floating in front of the computer and setting up the video. Then is pops up and everybody can see Fi floating in front of the device.]

Master Link, I've just spent time with the youngest Link. And I drew one of the Kikwi.

[Holding up a crayon picture of Machi.]

I would like to give it to you, Master.

[And the whole time? COMPLETELY STRAIGHT FACED.]
28 March 2012 @ 08:10 pm

turn on


where is the paper?????

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[WHACK. Hitting the computer activates the video function. Glaring at the screen is a tan-skinned man with pointed ears, a lovely gin-blossom nose, sunken eyes, and... green hair. And he's already changed out of that weird jumpsuit and into his normal clothes. The top of his orange collar is barely visible over his red cravat.

He narrows his eyes at the screen, then down at the keyboard

Blasted... typewriter! What kind of contraption is this! Where's the paper?! Cursed LIARS, telling me I could communicate with people using this thing!

[and now he's shaking the computer. Or trying to]

HEY!! TELL ME HOW TO GET BACK, YOU INFERNAL MACHINE!! Put me back on my ship right this instant!