27 January 2013 @ 05:18 pm
 Alright, listen up!

Given that the stupid plan with the nuclear reactor failed a while ago, and the insane robot girl roaming about, I can conclude that any weapon that relies on huge supplies of energy is doomed to fail or backfire in one way or another, thus the use of creating small scale mobile suits or robots is utterly useless if it can be turned against us, so small scale weapons and such will have to do with a limited chance of backfire.

Thus I'm asking all of you for weapon ideas. As ridiculous as some of these are, this might be the one chance to build something useful that won't one day tries to kill all of us. But if you want something magical, ask something else. I'm not some silly witch or something.
15 December 2012 @ 04:03 pm
[As opposed to her depression, she is back in full force, serious and demanding. One might think she is older than she looks. She is still only 11 though.]

 Alright, listen up, because I need the aid of those that have knowledge in mechanics, and aren't dumb enough to build a nuclear reactor, again!

But I only want those that are familiar with the concepts of the words I am about to say. If they are familiar to you and you have knowledge of how they work, then you're suitable enough to help. Ahem....


Mobile Suit.

Beam sword.


Or for the simpler crowd how may not understand the first two due to cross dimension, giant robots.

That is all.