04 January 2013 @ 01:43 am
...Uh, if anyone's interested, I just got something from back home-

Well, how do I put it...

Is anyone interested in a special Kokeshi? It's a type of doll where I was from, so...

Yeah. Er, have a late Happy New Year greeting, I guess.

[BASICALLY IT'S THIS THING and it vibrates too so...

uh. yeah.]
01 December 2012 @ 12:53 am
Hey, uh, this might be a strange question to ask considering our situation, but I might as well.

[There's an awkward looking teen just peering at the camera with a nervous laughter. It seemed that he's having second thoughts about asking this question when the camera turned on.]

What do you think of Christmas? W-well, since it's coming up and all...
02 November 2012 @ 12:53 am
[So, the Halloween shenanigans got her thinking. She was strong enough to live, to steal her way through the event. She didn't die. She got her candy. All was well. But it was a certain kind of hell to be wearing a costume like the one she was stuck in that showed off all of the charred skin she tried to hide.

It would be a good time to put an end to it.

How many of you here are healers of some sort?

[A little hesitation.]

I currently have deep second-degree burns over 98% of my body from a handful of months earlier. Most if not all of them are "fresh" wounds that refuse to heal rather than scars, due to the burns themselves being invoked by my preternatural weaknesses. As you can guess from context, I currently both feel like and resemble a piece of cooked meat. If anyone is able to heal any injuries of this degree, I'd like to speak with you. A price can be arranged, if necessary.
01 November 2012 @ 11:56 pm
[ At first Aschen doesn't notice the video has been clicked on or maybe she does; either way, she's disregarded it in favor of trying to hack into the terminal for further information. Clearly she's robotic in some nature judging by the features that adorn her body, but she also looks human with flushed skin and brightly colored eyes. After a couple minutes, she turns to face the camera fully. ]

My freshly assigned captain suffers from social anxiety, so allow me to speak on his behalf.

[ There's a notable pause before she speaks again. ]

All the single ladies. [ A nod. ] Put your hands up. I need an accurate headcount before I can fully utilize a harem appropriate enough for his needs. Captain, how do you feel about girls that are lacking in certain areas and have a complex about it? Personally I find them to be a much needed comedy relief, but your mileage may vary.

[ Men are welcomed as well. Aschen's just following her orders to find them allies in this place and sees nothing wrong with this. ]
20 August 2012 @ 07:07 pm
...When someone leaves...

What happens to them?

[The question seems to be relatively simple, but he hasn't really researched much into them. Maizono-san and Enoshima-san are both missing, and after checking their rooms, it appeared that they're really... gone...]

...And if they're dead before their arrival here, would they return to their former state when they're sent back?
[Man, he had been taking on all the notes, and... seeing some grotesque stuff in that post, but... yeah. Dammit, it really looks like this place is even worse than the school. And with Monobear here... it looks like this place is on a right track to inflict despair on everyone.

...But he has to stay strong, he needs to piece things out. To find more truths about this place. And even if all of them are not from the same world, they're still his friends, dammit!

First, a text post with his findings. A video and audio post would not be that helpful since he's halfway between crying and being a wreck.]

...Ah, I'm sorry if I bothered you, but I made a list of points that Jason-san covered in his last talk session.

Feel free to add to this if I missed something, alright?

You have received a file, open it? )
15 May 2012 @ 01:23 pm

...Er... This is how you use it right? Well, it certainly looks like it's recording...

Erm, anyways, hi, I have some questions if you guys don't mind?

Is it true that our worlds' destroyed like the letter says? I mean, it sounds a bit morbid for a welcoming letter, don't you think? And just how large is this tower anyways?

That's all for now, I guess and... oh, right! My name is Makoto Naegi, in case you guys needed it.