17 October 2013 @ 10:00 pm
[The feed blinks on to a close-up of blond hair. The mic just barely picks up the sound of someone muttering in a thick French accent.]

How do I get this stupid thing to-- Augh, I hate these-- [The shot of hair is replaced by one blue eye, which quickly blinks in surprise.] Aah!

[France moves back until he's in the frame properly, and, contrary to how he just sounded, he looks vibrant. Sparkling eyes, pink cheeks, bouncy hair; it seems he's finally getting over his stint on his dead world (as much as a nation can get over something like that, anyway). What's more, there's a small white bird fluttering around his head, chirping noisily.

France greets the viewers with a flourish.]

Bonjour, mes amis! How are you feeling? Well, I hope! The chill of fall is setting in, and big brother France wishes to keep you all warm, ohonhon~

[He hugs himself and sways side-to-side in his seat, filled to the brim with energy. His bird seems just as cheerful as France does, its high-pitched chirps overlapping with his (very stereotypically French) laughter. After a moment of that, they both seem to tire themselves out, and France lets out a long sigh and purses his lips. The bird lands on his shoulder.]

Though I am afraid that is not why I am fiddling with this ghastly computer, friends. You see, these clothes of mine have gotten terribly dingy. I know how to make my own, of course, but... [He looks off to the side and shudders, like he's remembering some frightening memory.] The floor with all the sewing supplies does not have a very, euhh, shall we say, hospitable air to it..

[He smiles again and claps his hands together, bright and eager. The bird flutters in surprise.]

So! If any of you are bored, or longing for companionship while the weather grows oh-so-cold, I would love to have some company while I work. You see, my poor Pierre refuses to go back to that floor with me. Isn't that right, Pierre?

[He nuzzles the bird and tickles under its beak with the tip of his finger, and it chirps in affirmation. France gives a solemn nod and turns back to the computer.]

I would even be willing to make some clothing for you to show my gratitude. The quality of the fabric in this place leaves much to be desired, but rest assured, once I am finished, you will look like you have just stepped off of a runway in Paris!

[He leans forward and flashes the camera a softer, flirtier smile.]

Well then, how about it~? Any takers?

La peur et l'espoir sont deux notions inséparables. )
[Losing Mami, who he viewed as an adopted daughter, last month had been hard, but Diarmuid had worked his way through his grief by focusing on the happy times they had spent together.  However, when three more people he is close to are sent home--two of which he cares for like his own children--those happy memories become a source of pain instead of a route passed the grief.

When he appears on the Network, Diarmuid looks more lost and empty than he has in a long time.

Usually, when I address everyone, I am asking for help on a project that will benefit the whole Tower.  Today, I am asking for help on a more personal level.

How does one handle losing a child?  Not just one, but several over a short period of time?  Nothing I try seems to work, and I am...

[His voice trails off here, shaking and uncertain.  A short time later, the feed ends.]

In our arms for a little while, in our hearts forever. )

02 September 2013 @ 08:31 pm
[ Sealand’s face can be seen, very close to the screen, his expression bewildered yet somewhat excited. He's on the terminal closest to room 1-20, and he might seem familiar to anyone in the tower who knows England. The only real differences between the two are his somewhat tamer hair, his blue eyes, and the fact that he looks no older than twelve years old.

Oh and guess who totally hasn't read either of those important letters by his bed yet? Who needs to read when it's finally his birthday. He's pretty proud of himself for having figured out how to use the terminal without any help. Technology can help him out here!


This is the weirdest birthday surprise I’ve ever had and I don’t know if I like it yet. It’s for a party, uh, right? A surprise party? …Here, for me? This is a strange place for a party, but it’s okay, there must be some reason for it!

I bet my dad organised it! Is he here? And Fin and Wy and everybody? Is this like a game? Is there a cake?! And why did you change me into this suit thing? It's weird.

Anyway, I’m forty-six years old now, you know, I'm practically ancient and more than ready for true nationhood! I hope I have lots of presents and you’ll all take the opportunity to realise how much I’ve grown!

Oh, also, I think this computer’s broken. I can’t find the internet link and I need to get on facebook! I should have lots of birthday messages!
28 August 2013 @ 11:53 am
[Jenna is smiling but it is fairly clear that she feels a touch awkward using this thing's video function. It was nice that someone had explained it to her, but she still didn't get how it worked. As long as it got the job done, though...]

Hi, everyone! My name is Jenna. A lot of you probably don't know me, since I only arrived here earlier this month.

This is probably really bad timing with everything that's going on, but I wanted to ask for some help. I don't know how the months from my world carry over here, but based on the seasons, I think my friend's birthday is in a month or two, and I wanted to do something nice for her. I'm a terrible cook, though, [A twinge of annoyance is fairly clear to see on her face,] so I was wondering if it might be possible for someone to give me some quick cooking lessons so I can actually make something for her on her birthday.

I'm not asking you to do this for free! We can work something out if you want payment of some kind. I'm a warrior, so I can provide protection if you're a good cook but you're not one of the people with powers here. I'm also pretty good at hunting, so I can get you some actual food instead of that nutrition bar crap. And we used to make our own clothes where I came from, so I can sew too! That kind of thing. There's more I can do too, if none of that sounds good to you.

[She smiles brightly into the camera.] Thanks a lot in advance!
So, "rescuees".
We've known what we really look like for the last few months. So I ask, have any of you even wondered what our so-called "administrators" look like without the glamour?

Well, now that the monthly distractions are over, I have one thing to show you. Say hello to your favorite scientist.

[Ira smirks, holding up a picture to the camera of a certain drawing that his friend drew from his sister's memories.]

Some of you may remember another person sharing this sketch, and it's true - even the admins aren't what they seem.

Now Jason, I ask you directly: How do you call yourself human?

[Can't even say that it's the way he claims to be human, either.]

[[ooc: The visible sketch is a WIP because Jason literally crashed photoshop four times when I tried to load it. Will update it later when it lets me finish.]]
14 July 2013 @ 03:19 pm
[Early in the morning, this message appears on the terminal. It seems mostly informative, so replies will be slow and sparse.]

Today is Bastille Day! For those of you regretfully unaware, Bastille Day marks a turning point in French history, a triumphant day for all those who have felt crushed under the foot of tyranny. It is our national holiday!

So make sure you celebrate it properly, all right, darlings? ♥

[That's a thinly-veiled way of saying "it's my birthday, do nice things for me."]
27 June 2013 @ 11:43 am
Im sorry. Ihurt alot of people
alot a whole bunch
adn Im really sorry
Really really
03 June 2013 @ 05:36 pm
[So Rabbit has come to a sobering conclusion.]

So. We ain't re-re-real.

[This only means one thing]

Nuthin' here is real.

[And further more]

So I don't gotta act like it is real.

[Which is why he is boldly and uncaringly standing in front of a terminal. Stark. Naked.]

I can do whatever I want. S'all fa-fake anyway. Who's gonna stop me?
05 October 2012 @ 12:51 am
I know I haven't been up and around much lately but now that it's October (again), I suppose a bit of Halloween celebration is in order. Now, since our captors have been kind enough to provide a surplus of pumpkins, would anyone like to join me in carving some Jack-o'-lanterns?
29 April 2012 @ 03:30 pm
[ When's the last time the network has seen him? Since Christmas? It's probably been that long since he's been out and about, what, with several of his counterparts disappearing completely along the way. After nearly a year in the tower he's had his highs and lows - most lows, admittedly. It's not the first time he's had these thoughts, but this time it feels worse.  ]

I wonder when our captors will be tired of toying with us? I have lost track of how long I have been here... though by now I know that I do not quite feel myself at all. I will not bore whomever chances to ah, see this shadow of a man on your screen. Nobody needs more depressing things in their lives when life has become this miserable place, ouais?

I know that for whatever reason we were compelled to confess to our darkest fears. It seems like another bout of fun is to be had for our benevolent saviors. I wonder who will be chosen? Care to take a few bets?

[ Part of him knows it'll be him. Part of him hopes he doesn't wake up in this tower if he loses. He didn't used to be so damned morbid, guys. Perhaps he's just a little tired of this scenery. ]

16 March 2012 @ 11:26 pm
[ Belarus sits in front of the screen, her usual cold and emotionless face is looking sick and nervous ]

Urgh — Someone explain to me, what do these collars do to us?

[ gagging noise ]

I can't stop vomiting. My collar is still violet though.

[ and then she ducks her head down.... just hurling all over the floor. luckily it's on camera ]

Tell me now!

( ooc: Belarus thinks its because of the collar, but actually she just drank water from a lake in http://towerofanimus.dreamwidth.org/133110.html this thread

which made her ill )
06 March 2012 @ 08:21 am
[It's a video post, of Reno~ looking very much not like himself because he's wearing one of his regular clothes and his hair isn't pulled back. The clothes really make the man, huh? Anyway, he decided not to make it generally known about his being a Turk even though most of his stuff was in that trunk- he still has no idea what's really going on and isn't taking chances.]

It's been almost twenty four hours since I woke up here. I feel like I'm in one of the Shinra Science Division's damned experiments. I haven't seen anyone else from Gaia here, yet, but that doesn't seem to mean much because this place seems pretty big...

[He rests his head on his hand and taps his forehead a few times in an impatient way] So, is there anyone from Gaia here, other than me? Nice planet, almost had a meteor plow into it last week?

(KH people: feel free to jump on him for his resemblance to Axel~)
18 December 2011 @ 04:28 pm
[ Well jingle my bells, friendly patrons of the Tower -- it seems like Francis is having himself one of those moments where he steps within two feet of a computer terminal, which really, is quite rare and for good reason. Did you miss him making an ass of himself? I know you did, and so does he, which is why when the feed buzzes into life you'll see him.

A lit cigarette in one hand and a snifler of some alcoholic variety in the other-- he's had a few. Probably his other half's doing.

Get ready guys; he's going nostalgic on your ass]

Allo mes amis! It is I. A -- hmm, beautifully pickled Frenchman. [He's slurring and smiling and he is oh so rarely seen like this. Lacking poise, that is] Forgive me; I am beside myself. You see, this is the first time in decades-- decades that I have been in such a situation. And you know what that is?

[He's taking a drag from his cig, blowing a rather nice ring by the way. For dramatic effect.]

Of course you do, you silly ones. In less than a week--I believe--it will be Christmas. Joyeux Noel! Back home I would be up to my neck in planning celebrations, oui? Music, catering... the decorations. [Fuck it, he's wistful and taking in more alcohol by the minute] Ah-- those were fond memories, you all.

Everyone, and I mean everyone [leaning in, just to prove his point, pointing with his cigarette hand at the screen because YOU are everyone] would have themselves a beautiful time, ouais? I would go party to party, dazzling -- because I am a handsome man DESPITE WHAT OTHERS MAY ELUDE TO, and at the end of the night?

[Oh, the smile he's giving is the kind that put lesser men in jail for assault. It is oozing 'charm'. Probably more drunken idiot]

Ah, but that was when I had the urge to be romantic, n'est-ce pas? This Godforesaken place--
Well, we do not need to go into my personal life that WAS, of course. But know that this was a very welcoming time that I looked forward to.

And this place is not even serving EGG NOG. [FLOURISHING LIKE A BASTARD] That is the most simple of traditions. [sip; puff; a steady look] I insist this be remedied immediately.

I think that we deserve some sense of joviality. Help me help you. [Dropping a wink just for the sake of that old time's sake]
25 November 2011 @ 09:19 pm
l̶̵̨̗͖̗̲̞̤̃ͨ̃̐͞ő̸͈͕̺̤̲̯͈͂ͣ̊͗͌͐̚͞g̢̪̺̦̞̟̦̰̰̗̗̺͋̽̒̽͂͗̀͝͠į̷͖̜̮̠͕̠̭̜̞̺̮ͫ͗̀ͮ́̕n̛̫̖̰̻̘̠̎̿ͥ̈ͥ͘͢ ̌̊ͤ̾̊̅͋́͆̚͏̴͖̳͈̪̥͟͡ā̷̸͓͉̖̰̞͓̺̖̹͍͙̌ͪ̽͐̉̋ͤ̓ͬ͊̐͆̾̚͢d̵̴̸͕̖̞͔̪̑̋̿ͦͫ͊͂̂̋m̵̟̼͓̱̗͚̤̠͐ͯ̈̍͐ͨ͊̍ͤͮͣ̎̀̚ĭͣ̒́͑̃ͣ̽̚͏̸̧̮̹̦͇̪̙̳͓͇̪̘͈͘͜n͛̍̆͋ͧ̄̀̑̑̀̊̈́͂̓̚̚̕͏̧̪͖̙̰̤͚͈͈̬̬ ̛̺̠̪̞̰͍̩̱͓ͮ͌̄́͠͞rͨ͂̑ͧ͐͐ͨ̇͂̓͋̈͗̏̈҉͏̵̕͏̦̝̬͇̬ū̑͗̅̐͑̏ͪ̅̇͛̑̾̂̓̚͏̪͓̟̩̯͓̣̯̻̠͚̬̖͢͝ͅͅã̸̯̘͔̭͚̰̮̝̺̠̖̺̙̲̓ͮ̊ͨ͌͒̄̔̓̇ͨͦ̋͑̃͡͠͡n̢̜̺͚̹̘̺͂̆ͫ̈͋̈͡͡͞a͙͚̟̙̟͓͎̮̮̝̤͈̼̭ͮͬͭ͒ͤ̏ͧͦ̄͛̿ͪ͋͌ͮ̓͆̍̃͝
̢̨͕̥͇͚͖̺̪̺̱̉ͥ̑̊p͔̲̮̲͓͑̑͋͂̐̕̕͡ä̡́ͤ̔ͭ͗ͤ̈́̓̓́ͥ̐͐̅͏͠҉̩͎̪͕̟͍̬͈s̴̩̫͖̗͐ͭ̽̑̔͂ͩ̆ͥ͐ͧ̄̋͑ͮ̀̚s̎̌̾ͤ͆̃ͤ̐ͣ̓̓̒ͪ͂ͥ҉҉̡̻͔̞̗͖̠̮͜͡ͅͅw̵̷̤̯̩̟̭̰͓̘̮ͬͦͭ̾͑̃̐̆̎̿ͬͧ͑ͩ͞ͅo̺͈̰̺̗͈̣͗ͪ͒ͮ̑ͮ͆͌̅ͭ̋̃͗ͨ͡r̡̆͌̀ͪ͗͏̢̤̦̙̙̼̩͓̮̫̲͕̤̠͘d̡̫̥̺̩̝͍̥͑͂͛ͮ̋ͥͮ̈̕͟ ̧͎͓͍͖̤̥̤̟̖̻̠͓͒̒̊̎̉̇̃ͬ̄̔ͦ̉͂ͯ̋͑ͬͬͧ́͢͢*ͧ̀͊̀ͩͦͣ̔̽̎̓̒̐͊҉̥̮̳͉̙̪̝͙͘͢͡ͅ*̷̶͕̗͇͉̺̬͉͕̻͍̪̘͇̘̿͑ͥ̋̊̔̀ͧ̃͛ͨ̿͛̒̾̂̓ͬ͟ͅ*̶͚̰̩̗͖͙̠̱͇͖̣͓̱̰͕̪̠ͣ̅̈́̓̍̎͋̿̌́̚*̴̨̛͓͍̝͖̙̀̓̃͋̀͛͢*͒̇̋̃̑ͥ̈́̓͗͡͏͏͇̣̣̳̭̞̩̗̜͖͇̮̱͔*̧̛̻̝̟̼̠͌̂̑̔ͦ͋̂́̒ͨͮ͗͊͆̃ͭ̋͝*̷̞̼̞̘̯͎͉̟͚̮̯͎̜̫̯̦̅̉͋ͭ̆̀̉̎̔̈͗̌̉̌͒̍ͭ̓ͪ̀͜*̢ͣ̑̐͊̿͌͑́̅̓͏̶̤̙̖̠̜̙̪̫͇̦͖͞ͅ*̋ͫ̑ͫ̃ͭͯ͆ͧͨ̒̆͑҉̩̗͖̦̝̝̹͍̤̞͟͞͝*̷̱̭̣̲̈̔̓̑̏̄ͩ͊̇͐ͤ͛͊̓͑͡*̷̵̸̰̗͕̜̮̹̱͚͙̰͈́̍ͫ̅̈̅*̶̶̵̱̙̠̞͙̻̐̎̇ͮͫ̀͞*̷̡͓͎̫̫̳͗ͪ͌͆ͯ*̷̭̼̻̝͎̥̬̥̜̏ͯͥ͊͌͂͂ͦ͠ͅ
́̍ͥ̄̂̐͋̇̊̊̚҉̛͍̻̳͈̲̘̯̩̰̻͓͙̱̞̜a͉̘̣̝͚̗̓ͪ͋ͧ͒̐̿͂́͂͑̂ͦ̋͊̅ͧ̐̓̕͝͞c̶͌ͫ̀ͦ̌́ͬ͑̆̔̽̃͐̓͜͏̶̲̻͓̞͈͘c̖̙̮͉̮͔ͮ͌̍̏̈̆̏̊͛̄ͬ͝͡͡e̴̵̞̥͕͎̪̮̓ͭ̍ͣͥ̃̂ͨ̓ͮ͋͌ͩ̏͘ͅs̝͓̘̝̲̗͖̓ͭͮ̊̐̆̄ͬ̀̚͝s̡̖̩̟̘̠̗̠̱͙̼̩͕̠̜̺̭ͧ̏̔̌̄͊ͬ̉͛ͪͪ͒ͨ ̡̡̹̲̼̜̼̟͖̪̳̘̲̿ͧͤ̽͆̾͌ͬ̉̍ͨ̽́͟͡s̡̫͕͚̯̠̩̜͉ͮͤ̇̽͊̊̏ͫ́̚͡ȓ͎̩̥͎̘̥͔͚̩͛ͣ̒͆͆͋́̿̔̋̓̅ͪ̒͟͞ì̶̳͔͖̺̺̻̳̟̲̗̓͗̄̿̈̌͋ͦ̌̈́͑ͥͦ̊͌̐̉͠p͈͇̣̰̜̈ͦͧͭ̊̓͂̂̓͋͗ͤ̆̕͟͢e̸̴͓̫͎͎͎̮̫̜͙͓ͮ͑ͩͭͩ̇̓̽̈͋ͨ͑̏v̢̛͇̯̼̮̗̦̥̰͉̻̻͔͚̯͉̳͓̠͈̓̐̐̏̍͌ͪi̢̧͇̮͓̬̺̺̝ͤ̌̋ͫ̄͆
P̼͕̮̼̻̯̻̝̣̥̗̬̼ͤ̾ͪ́ͣ̽̉ͣ̃̊̋̓́́ͅl̷̏̋ͪ͛̐͏̛̱͓̞̞͚͈̼̮̜̪̗̘̰̳͖͝͡ë̿ͣͥͤͥ̎ͦ́͋̾̿̐ͫ̐̽̽͌̓҉̪͇͚̳̮͉͍͚̙̝̻͙͉͕͜a̷̼͍̺͙̩͉̰̹͇͔̥ͭ̊̏ͧ̌̇̏̂̉ͣ͋͂ͅs̷̳̱̦̞̤̼̳͌͛͗̑̽ͨ͐͗͐́e̔͑̓ͣͭͮͩ͊͗͐͒̋̑͑̓ͥ҉̶̧̤͇̹̣̰̗́̕ͅ ͯ̌̄ͩ̉ͯ̅̐ͣͬ̎͗͗҉͏̪͎͍̥̼̤̺̳̣̥͘͟͞b̛ͩͧ̌ͥ̽̑͛́͝͏͉̟̖̲̬̣̙͇͔̰̻̺̖̘̗͈̩̺̕ę̵̶͓͙̻͎̭̜͙̘̗̣̩̖̘̼͗ͬͩ̓̏͆̚͢͠ ̿̓ͣ̀̎͊ͩ̔ͦ͆ͩ͑ͥͣ̔͞҉̵̪̝̻̙̻̥̺͔͔̙̟̬͜ͅp̡̩͎͙̹̗͈̩̻̪͋ͣ̍ͮ͜͠ạ̡̪̠̹̪͉͙̳͇̻̹̠̞͓̖̼̰͔̜ͯ̌̎̃̽̈́ͣ̃̓̇̀͛ͦ͑t̶̪͔̙͚̺͚͇ͬ͒͌̿̍̃̿̏ͯͮ̐ͥ̑͒̌ͮͣ̚ͅi̸̝̤̘̞͖͓͎̪̩̰̪̬̮͍̟̞̽̉̋ͦͥ͊̊͋̑͒ͮ̐̅̓̋͝ę̷̜̹̙̥͎̝͚̪̱͓̻̱͊ͩ͂̏̿ͨ̍͌͋̎̚͞͡͞ͅn̨͓̩̣̠̮̞̜͕͖ͪ̋ͥͬͫ̃̽̓͆̀t̴͍͉͚̖̹̥͙̤̣̹̭̬̻̮̺͓̰ͪ̄̀̇ͣ͊ͫ̆ͤͤ̈́ͩͦ̈́̎̿̀͢͜͡ͅ.̸ͨ̄̂͑̊̓̋ͫ̏ͭ͑̾͏̭͍̼͇̗̥͖͍͡

(screencap of entry)
22 September 2011 @ 01:45 pm
1. What the hell is up with that one new floor?

2. You troll people, no one cares about that blood color thing here and there are more than one of some of you so it's really stupid to post entries like OH MY BLOOD IS A BIT MORE PURPLE THAN YOURS OH YOU ARE TYPING WITH THE WRONG COLOR over and over.

3. Maybe we should make a movie or something to give to new people so we don't have to keep telling everyone.

4. Did anyone else fill out some weird survey without wanting to?

5. Can we go back to that new floor thing, because WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH THE BLOOD AND THE SCREAMING.
20 July 2011 @ 08:54 pm
[He seems a bit distracted as he settles down, seemingly confused. Then, with a startled sound he begins to mess with his hair. A series of muttered curses in French color his preening as he tries to plaster down stray hairs that do not exist, staring rather blankly after putting his hands down as if observing something. Hushed:] I look like a recluse! Mon dieu!

[Leans forward, more determined than ever. He goes from trying to plaster them down to brushing them down for more volume, letting that prized hair cascade like a boss. He finally leans back ten minutes later, seemingly quite pleased. Yes. You guessed correctly; he used the camera as an impromptu mirror, not quite understanding that it was broadcasting. Of course he's not quick to leave. He did just spend around 15 minutes fussing over his hair and getting up too quickly would 'disturb' it.]
31 May 2011 @ 09:48 pm
Ignore. ♥
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