25 January 2012 @ 06:24 pm
i dont use this netwwork vvery much
but i guess i should do this or so it seems i dont knoww

i just havve a question an i dont really knoww anyone to ask so maybe some fuckin strangers can answwer it wwhatevver
this is probably a bad idea

so uh
howw does romance wwork for humans?
i knoww you dont havve quadrants
but i thought i should check if theres more to it than that since i find myself in a certain position wwith a member a your species

an dont tell wwilloww i asked this
i knoww she asked a similar question a the collectivve you about troll romance but she didnt tell me until later an i hadnt thought to ask myself so i wwant to keep this on the dowwn loww for obvvious reasons
26 December 2011 @ 04:17 am
[Alright, he got kinda worked up about this when he first saw dead humans laying around, and was going to say something. But he was still nervous about getting found and killed, and then there was fighting, and then there was recovering, and to be honest, he sort of forgot??? Luckily, the Highblood was good enough to remind him about it with that horrible braying nonsense the other day. He's annoyed, both that there are threats being made and that, apparently, this is something that needs to be announced at all. But… what can he do. Aliens, and all that…]

ooc cut for talking and a picture )
28 November 2011 @ 04:04 pm
So... my world's been destroyed. Yeah, not buying it. It's been tried before, by bigger and, well, probably better than whoever's behind this. In fact, I was sort of in the middle of the whole preventing the apolocypse game show right before I got zapped here, so if I could pretty please go back to that...?

Yeah, didn't think that would work. Well. Hi, everyone? I'm Willow Rosenberg, witch extraordinaire. At least they were nice enough to send me here with clothes and magic supplies. No way am I staying in the white phallus suit.

If someone could fill me in on the features that are not as advertised, I'd appreciate it. I'm sure there's all sorts of stuff to know about this place.

A tour might be nice, too. This is a lotta floors.
28 November 2011 @ 12:59 pm
He looks ridiculous in the white outfit, but he doesn't seem to mind. It's likely he didn't even bother rummaging through that chest in his room, or even if he did, maybe he liked the new look and decided to keep it. All the chairs and tables surrounding him have been pushed back into two large piles (off screen), so it's just him on the floor. Looking content as if nothing had happened.

"These keys are too MOTHERFUCKING SMALL."

He says, his voice low and raspy at first but then escalating into a shout by the end. The troll (judging by his gray skin and orange horns) remains sitting, now completely silent as he gazes into the camera, his focus on it starting to wane a little.
20 November 2011 @ 07:46 pm
Recently it's been boring. Like, I'm so glad all the creepy stuff is gone and over with but I still miss normal city life or at least going to see family now and again.



Would anyone like a make-over? There's a few who are kind of in desperate need of it. [CoughcoughVietnamcoughcough.] But I'd sure love to be able to primp someone up nicely.
20 November 2011 @ 07:35 pm
[Boredly lounging around in one of the chairs at the computers, she tilts her head from side to side. It feels like it should be getting colder in her homeworld, if it was even still there of course.]

So..I've been thinking. The Holidays are probably coming up...or gone. Or who knows.

Does anyone have any sort of traditions they do? Or- are there people who don't know of the Holy Days and Christmas or Karácsonyt as we call it. Sometimes I make a poppy bread and relax for our two days of Holiday vacation. [Frowns and glances away, resting her chin on her palm.] Even Russia couldn't take that away... But, if you'd like to share, I'd love to hear it.

Not much else to do after all...
19 November 2011 @ 08:30 pm
[The feed switches on to a blonde, hair snapped back in a ponytail, wearing a Union Jack plastered across her chest and looking less than amused. It's been about an hour since Rose woke up here. She read the letters twice, gave the place a precursory glance, and was unsuccessful at finding a way out.

She furrows her brow as she addresses the camera.]

Right, think I figured this thing out. Nice to run into a computer with a webcam, finally. Could've saved me some trouble a few hours ago, but never mind that.

My name's Rose, Rose Tyler, and I'm from... well, two different Earths, really, it's a long story. It said my home world was destroyed- except it can't have been. We were right it he middle of saving it, actually, and putting it back where it belonged. Did... something happen? And for that matter, which world was it? Because- like I said, two of 'em, and one of them happens to have my family on it- my dad, my brother.

[She points at the camera] And If anything happened to my mum...

She was with me, actually, and the Doctor, and most of my friends. Has any body seen them? They're... well, hang on-

[She bends over and digs around a second, before tugging a pair of photos out of an album. She holds them up in front of the camera.]

That's my mum, my dad, my brother Tony. And this skinny bloke here, with the hair is the Doctor.

Any word on that, or any of this, I'd really appreciate it, mate.

[She tugs the photos back and flashes a wary smile.] Thanks.

[End feed.]
18 November 2011 @ 07:57 pm
Hey... Well, after a rather traumatic month of freakish experimentation and getting locked out of my room - forcing me to live the hobo lifestyle no less; thanks guys - things seem to have returned to normal and yours truly is as ready as ever to boldly venture forward

[Here he pauses, looking a little sheepish. Scratching at the back of his neck he continues, holding out both hands about a foot and a half apart. Yes, this is important. Yes, he is going to reach out to the Tower yet again]

I lost my dog. Er. He's stuffed so you'd think he wouldn't go far but Rowdy Jr. is special! Has spunk.  [matter of factly] He answers by Rowdy. Junior. Jay Jay. Love of my life. Don't think the love between a man and his dog is weird. I can see you judging me and I don't appreciate it!

Has anyone seen him though? His return is much appreciated. [oh, there's a picture he's flashing now of a miniature poodle]

((Note: Yep, this is as crack as can be))
18 November 2011 @ 05:46 pm
[Molly appears on screen and she's, well, not as happy as she usually is. But really, after you've killed your best friend because he's turned into some weird deer thing, it's hard to be that happy. But she smiles nonetheless, she's still Molly and she doesn't let things keep her down for long, Romeo did forgive her anyway.]

Guys, everyone is really sad again because of what happened and I know that I'm really sad because of what happened but it stopped happening so we should stop being sad! [she smiles widely] See! Now I'm not sad! But I have an idea! We should have a party! Parties make everyone happy, right? So we need to decorate a place, and we need a place to have the party. How about the place with music! And we can get food from the cafeteria and everyone can come and be happy and not sad! Me and Romeo can even put on a puppet show because he got that thing before! [Sorry Romeo, she forgot to run this by you beforehand]

So when should we have the party!
20 September 2011 @ 02:27 pm
[A very pissed off Latina girl, wearing the catsuit provided to her, is gracing your screen for the first time! Have I mentioned she's not very happy with the current situation?]

Look, I don't know whose bright idea it was to kidnap me, but you grabbed the wrong girl. [she waves one hand around] I am from Lima Heights Adjacent, you know what goes on there? It's not pretty. So you best be lettin' me go.

Also this collar has gotta go. I appreciate kinky sex games as much as the next girl, but kidnapping is not the way to go. I'm totally not playing out your stupid fantasies. [she sits back and crosses her arms] You could have just asked.

Oh and one last thing, [she holds up the
Be happy here
note] Was this like terrorists or did Berry just talk about herself too much? This is like the worst practical joke in the history of jokes. Can I go home now?
19 August 2011 @ 05:56 pm
[This entry starts as text. Do forgive his typing, his hands are much too large for the keyboard.]

greetings fellow tower reisdents, my name is Fawkes. I am posting this to let sometihing be known - i am a meta-human, though where i come from, they are colloquially known as "super-mutants", and whoile most are known for being savages and violent, i am quite civil.

[Here, the entry switches to video. Fawkes moves away from the computer a fair bit due to his size. His voice is rather loud, too.]

I also am making this because my appearance is quite alarming to many of you. I have not met any others from the Capital Wasteland where I come from, so I thought it prudent to give everyone a fair chance to know that while I am a bit...scary to look at, I will not hurt you.
31 May 2011 @ 09:48 pm
Ignore. ♥
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