10 September 2013 @ 07:38 am
Can anyone here answer a question I have had? It is simply, well...

What is love?
09 August 2013 @ 11:17 pm
[Ryoji wasn't often seen using the network. In a place such as this, there was too much to do and too little time to spend on the terminals, unless it was to check for information. That had been Ryoji's main reason for paying attention to the network, and he hardly responded lately, after his last message went awry.

Today, though, he's gained enough confidence to turn back on the feed again. He's looking a little cheerier than usual, though that may not be completely genuine. He's not really happy... yet. But he's hoping with this message that maybe he can have some conversations that will help him cheer up, and more importantly, cheer up others in the process.

He offers a small wave and then begins to speak.]

Hi, everyone! I know this may seem to be out of nowhere, but I have a question. You see, as strange as this is going to sound, I didn't get a chance to stay very long in my original world, and because of that, there are a lot of things I've never experienced. I know here, there isn't much opportunity to try new things, but I don't mind that.

I think hearing about something is sometimes just as interesting as experiencing it yourself.

So, if you wouldn't mind, I'd like to ask what you did for fun back home! I can understand if it's hard to get yourself in the mood, or if you don't really want to share something personal, but I think swapping stories could be a mood booster. We need some of those lately.

If enough people share, then maybe I'll even tell you a secret story of my own! It's pretty embarrassing though, so my lips are sealed for now.

[He chuckles softly, but there is evidence of a blush...]

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09 August 2013 @ 07:45 pm
[It's roughly mid-afternoon when Rick is revived--the first floor dorms will be alerted to his presence as he bursts out of 1-16 and runs to the bathrooms, then dry-heaves for an alarming amount of time.]

[He's not taken his death well. To be fair, it's not just dying that's troubling him. The administrators have removed the monster from his mind, but they didn't remove the memories of when it possessed him; he might not recall the exact words he used, or the motivations he had, but the pained expressions of those he targeted remain, and they are agonizing. If only Enoch had killed him for good! If only he never had to look at them again!]

[Of course the Tower won't go easy on him there. Dragging his feet, disheveled and shuddering with occasional sobs, Rick staggers to a terminal while the words are still fresh in his head and bashes out a quick notice: ]

This is Patrick Dawn. Some of you might have met me over the past few days...I need to let you know that the person you met wasn't me.

I'm a shapeshifter--I can take the forms of other creatures if I find them...in a certain condition. I had an idea to try and bond with a monster this way, and...well, it worked...but I couldn't control it. The monsters aren't what they appear to be. I'm not quite sure what they are, exactly...Please, if you have abilities similar to mine, don't follow my lead. For the amount of pain and suffering I've put everyone through, it's not worth it.

For the people that I encountered...I can't even begin to express how sorry I am. I would ask for your forgiveness, but this whole thing was my fault--I don't deserve your sympathies. If there's any possible way for me to make up for the horrible things I've said and done, I will be more than willing to follow through...but I also understand if that's an impossible request. I would take everything back if I could, but...I can't, so...I need to learn to live with my mistakes.

I know it's not enough...I'm so sorry.

[Rick immediately abandons the terminal after he posts to go hide in his room. He'll reply to people, but only after a few hours of collecting his thoughts again.]
07 August 2013 @ 12:13 pm
With all that has happened in the last few weeks and how angry Jason is, it shouldn't be surprising he's already making changes to how things work around here. There is really no way to know what he will do next. All we can do is prepare for the worst and hope for the best as foolish as hoping for anything here might seem. We may be limited in what we can do to prepare, but there is one thing I have noticed we can be working on. We all know how easy it is for any of the Administrators to turn off our powers. It can happen in the blink of an eye and without any kind of warning. And power loss is not limited to just when the Administrators wish it anymore. In addition to that and the floors that cancel out powers, ever since the initial systems' failure, it has become clear that even though systems are back up, they are far from stable. While there are some in the Tower who are as skilled fighting without their powers are they are with, there are a great many who rely too heavily on something they can lose so suddenly and completely.

There have been many people who have tried to set up training classes here in the past. I knew too briefly two of them, Hei and Tear Grants. Both of them are gone from the Tower now, but I would not like to see their hard work die just because they have been sent away. This is especially important right now since things will likely get worse around here before we can make them better.

I would like to ask anyone who is willing to help teach people non-magical ways of fighting and first aid to please contact me. As a great many people also rely on magical weapons they might lose without their special abilities, I would also request the aid of all who would be willing to help make non-magical weapons for those who need them. The weapons do not need to be pretty, only functional.

Finally, I would ask anyone interesting in learning how to fight without special abilities or would like to get a non-magical weapon to act as a back up for their magical weapons, to please contact me. I don't know how quickly I will be able to get the weapons together--that will depend on how much help I get. However, as I am one who is able to fight with or without my special abilities, I can start setting up training classes right away for any who are interested.

Thank you all for your assistance in this matter. I have always believed that the stronger we make each of us, the stronger we will be overall, and the more likely we will be to find the Truth we all are so desperately looking for.

Private Video Locked To: Shion ([personal profile] savedbyasong ), Xion ([personal profile] attheclocktower ), Akemi Homura ([personal profile] rewindingly ), and Kirika Yuumura ([personal profile] carrythesin ).

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07 August 2013 @ 03:41 am
I am sorry for how random this message is, but I am curious.

What does one wear to a wedding? I have not attended one before.
06 August 2013 @ 07:49 pm
Does anyone else kind of want to stay here instead of go home? If there was a way to make it safe to live here, would anyone else stay?


[ Sertoria holds up her tattered tunics one at a time to the camera - a few of them have old bloodstains, others look torn and tattered in a few areas.

She's in her robe while addressing the camera, so thankfully she's not completely exposed. ]

Would someone mind repairing these for me? I cannot offer any monetary compensation, but I can always gather materials or do any jobs you may have for me.

I'm in room 1-03 if you would like to take my measurements if these are too destroyed to work with.

Thank you very much if you are willing to do this for me.
[There's an audible chime, like a cheery voicemail tone, from every terminal simultaneously, before text appears on the screen.]

Good afternoon, Tower of Animus. My name is The Observer. I've got a special message for you today, direct from one of our beloved administrators. Please read, listen to, and memorize this message, and reproduce it wherever you can!

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Wasn't that a special little message? Now, copy it down in your notes so you don't forget it! No matter whom you're allied with, be it Pandora, Ganondorf, your friends from home, or just yourself! There will be a test on this.

And the first section of the test is this - I want you to place at least one copy of this message somewhere in the tower. No points for hiding it! It has to be visible to everyone! In a few days I'll tell you all how you did, and I'll repeat this message for you lazy people who didn't see or hear this today.

That's all for now!

- The Observer

[All characters with mailboxes will find a copy of the message in their mail as of this evening.]
08 July 2013 @ 01:26 pm
alright, you chuckleheads.
you're all obviously very bored, and since you're incapable of coming up with entertainment that isn't pants-on-head retarded, I'm here to help you out.
I know, I know, I'm very generous.
so, here's what we're going to do:

reply to this post anonymously and say whatever the hell you want.

seriously, that's it.
blubber about how mean the admins are, talk shit about people you want to punch in the face, whatever.
trust me, you'll feel better after.

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07 July 2013 @ 06:14 pm
Does anybody know if there's some way to make the countdown thing go away? At least for a little while? It's really distracting.

[She speaks of course of the Countdown to Power Failure. It's giving her the creeps and at this rate she's going to want to use the terminals even less.]
05 July 2013 @ 02:49 pm
Greetings to all.

For those who may not know me, I am Sertoria Cani. For those that do, I was returned here after my departure. It is great to see those that remain here again and I wish to see how you are after all this time. My room has changed to 1-03 for those who wish to see me.

Now--I know of what Ruana has done, as well as what we really are here. Is there anything I should know for my own knowledge or is it that it as far as awful news?


Be safe everyone.
...Is this what it is like to be a human? To be slowly torn down by something that might kill you, yet still have the drive to continue?

I thought it would be a bit more fun than this, but I have been proven wrong before...

I am sorry for doubting your kind. I am even more sorry for doubting your strength when I did.

Hopefully we can...switch soon...

[ Those around can find her crouching down to sit on the floor with her hand occasionally petting Einstein as it's evident the dog is worried over his owner. Soon, her other hand will raise to cover her mouth as she coughs and welp, there's blood.

She was just so tired of suffering. Suffering in her body, suffering in her mind, suffering while even in this body. ]

I will be fine, Einstein. Please do not worry.

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18 September 2012 @ 02:47 am
Greetings. This is Sertoria Cani for those who do not know me.

I have a question regarding these swaps--well, two questions.

First, is anyone else coughing? Last I checked, there were no kinds of viruses, bacterias, or fungi around and things were relatively clean around here.

And then, has anyone tried any supernatural or magical means to return to their bodies? Has anyone had success regarding these matters or is it still very much up there?
16 September 2012 @ 08:17 pm
[ Have a robot, guys. Text begins appearing on the Network at a ridiculously fast speed; no one can type this fast. ]

We are Legion, a terminal of the Geth and integrated member of the Normandy SR2, a Cerberus frigate run by the human known as Commander Shepard. We have downloaded all external data from this Network that was not blocked or filtered through other channels presently inaccessible to our hard drive. We have spoken with several "captives" thusfar.

However, there are still inquiries that we would desire data on. Thusfar, our research has proven that some of the lifeforms here are capable of self-defense, but not all of them. The creatures here can prove extremely dangerous. As such, we would like information on whether or not accurate Mass Effect field generators have been created to allow adequate shielding from shell damage.

We would also like to know if weapons production has been studied. We could reproduce or aid in the manufacturing of organic-friendly firearms that would not need ammo, and would run on energy instead. This would be conservative due to the limited amount of ammunition in this place.

The "trunk" with which we were given has spare parts and Elements. With help, we could reproduce Geth shielding technology and armaments, if this is desirable among the others captive here. If this is of any interest to others, we await your replies.

We will be stationed on the twenty-seventh floor for in-person inquiries if deemed necessary.
[So someone in a bear suit comes on the screen and is looking mighty annoyed at all this shadow and fog business. Giving a wave he begins talking.]

So you all saw Sensei's post right? Well if you haven't you better go look at it! With this creepy fog and shadows running about it's not safe. Luckily you all have the wonderful Teddie at your assistance! You see I can make these glasses that will help you see through this fog. So come by my room and pick up a pair! I'm in room 3-08. I won't be here for long since I gotta help everyone with this shadow business but I'll leave a pile on my bed for everybody.

[The feed flickers later on in the morning in midst of the creeping fog settling within the lower levels (for now) of the tower before a clear voice speaks through. Despite the growing difficulty to see through it, he seems to have no trouble?]

Everyone, stay calm and listen. If my hunch is right, this fog is different from the kind that lingers outside this tower and if that's the case, there are some things you should know about it. You see... this fog is similar to the fog in a world I know.

For those who can't read well, I'll read it aloud... but the basics will be here in text.

[He pauses before speaking again, having only stopped to compose himself.]

[He pauses again before nodding to the screen.]

If any of you need any help for however long this lasts, the Investigation Team will be going around helping to tame any berserk Shadows that manifest. You'll be able to tell us apart from others because we don't have problems seeing through it for one reason or another.... usually special glasses.

[lol whut? ...For some reason, it looks like he's serious. He grows even more serious after this last pause and he filters the feed to his team and the others who know the power of Persona.]

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This is going to bring back a lot of memories...
02 September 2012 @ 01:55 am
Are there any scientists beyond the ones I have met around here?

Specifically, anyone willing to design a dehydration gun or lend it temporarily?

I am interested in doing an experiment in the name of science. I will be in the library for a brief time.
[ After Sertoria's noticed something's wrong with the coffee maker and weird behavior, especially Allen's transformation, she knew she had to inform others before people were hurt. So, here we are. She looks to be focused, but there's vague hints of worry in her eyes. ]

Attention, everyone. Please listen to what I have to say.

If you go into the cafeteria or anywhere where there is food being served, please do not drink or eat anything as I am certain it has been tampered with in some way. I tried to identify what, if any, poisonous substances could be laced in the drinks itself and my database was unable to find a source.

I also am to believe that this substance can transform others, either be by a monster or something else. Please exert caution when approaching them.

I do not know if this is the administration's doing or one of our own. If anyone out there has any information, it would b appreciated. I can show what I have seen as proof, too.

Be safe when this is happening. Thank you for your time.
25 August 2012 @ 11:29 pm
[ Hello Animus, have the King of Evil appear on your terminal's screen today. As usual, he's not looking very happy, but at least his tone is calm and not threatening. ]

I see everything is going back to normal around these parts... In spite of what the one in charge of this place did to the tower, to her four lapdogs and to us. A shame really.

[ He shakes his head. Yes yes, he's outright accusing Ruana to be directly responsible for the whale attack. But on to the important part. ]

Anyway, are there any in this tower particularly skilled with the use of computers or machines? If yes I would very much like to speak with you. It is for a matter of utter importance.