09 August 2013 @ 07:08 pm
[Arturia had been among those in the elevator the previous night. Not that she remembers much of it aside from a loud noise and then.... something strange. When she had finally been allowed to move the next day--after the Glamour briefly glitched and she had the curious sight of floating within a pod of violet fluid, unable to move whatsoever--she had checked the Network and seen the bombing.

Arturia is not the best at being sneaky about things. She knows this. But this Tower changes people and she has resigned herself to the fact she cannot be honorable all the time. She no longer sees herself as a proper knight, no matter how she tries.

So she takes a page out of Archer's book, collects her papers and pens for mapping the Tower, and spends the morning mapping things out. When she reaches the medical clinic, she stands outside it, looking thoughtful. Then heads inside. Once there she asks aloud if there had been anything strange about her collar checkup on the third, as her recent resurrection had been unusual. The units do not answer, but Arturia scribbles down a message for R-037 and hands it over.

"Was it your group?"

The reply that is written is:

"It wasn't my group. I don't know WHAT that was."

Arturia asks a few more questions out loud, receives no vocal answer, then feigns a sigh and apologizes for wasting their time. They have duties to attend to after all.

To complete the deception, because she knows the Administrators' are listening, she spends another half hour pretending to try and map out the Tower some more, only to be distracted. Then she goes to one of the terminals on the media floor and makes a post:]

To anyone who has died withing the Tower, has anything strange happened when you are brought back lately?

[Some part of her wonders what Archer would think if he knew about this little ploy of hers.]
06 August 2013 @ 07:49 pm
Does anyone else kind of want to stay here instead of go home? If there was a way to make it safe to live here, would anyone else stay?
06 July 2013 @ 09:36 am
[The tower is met with a completely new face today. The man on the feed is holding up a letter as he leans close screen and, needless to say, he looks rather miffed. Angry even.

Oh. Did I mention he is shirtless? Because he is. His guild stamp is exsposed on the right side of his chest, along with his new collar

'Your world has been destroyed. I saved you. Let's all be happy here.' Is this someone's idea of a sick joke? Listen, whichever one of you bastards brought me here better speak up, I'm actually really tempted to started a fight and I'm not going to go easy on you.

Which brings up another matter. Where are my friends? Are they here too? I swear...

[Gray doesn't even finish that statement, he trails off. Too busy being mad and what have you]
19 May 2013 @ 02:42 pm
[So there's been an unusual amount of activity in the tower lately, and Yata seems to have been affected by it. Unlike some situations in the tower, this one's fairly humorous. He hasn't used the network in a while, but he might be recognizable to a few.]

...When I first got here, people told me this tower was crazy. But seriously? Giant chickens attacking this tower? What the fuck? That sounds like some shit from a cheesy video game.

[Although he seems to be aware that the idea itself is ridiculous, he's totally convinced enough that it's true.]

Even though it's the stupidest fucking thing I've ever heard of, we can't have people attacking this tower because we still have to find a way back home, assuming our worlds weren't actually destroyed.

[an annoyed sigh]

So what the fuck are we gonna do about these damn chickens?
21 April 2013 @ 03:35 pm
[The image of Allen Walker is crystal clear, which is unfortunate considering he's worse for the ware. His clothes are in remarkable shape, however.]

...It's not as bad as it looks, really. [He smiles.]

There were certainly a lot of us taken into that room. Or rooms. I can still hear the sound of the machines in my head when it's quiet, and sometimes when I just decide to close my eyes for a minute. And I don't think I even deserve to say that it wasn't as bad as all that. I was taken, too, but not much really happened. Kind of like it was just a long dream that I just had to wake up from.

[A rare moment of a truly angry Allen cross where the old Allen used to be.] But I'll say that things have since reversed. If the administrators think this will break you, they're clearly thinking wrong. It was bad, but there's a lot of stronger people here. I know it. And I think you do, too.


[His anger quickly fades into another contented smile. Rin-only.] And before I forget, thanks again, Rin. I don't think I got to really enjoy the fixes you made until now.

[Anyone seeing Allen in person as he's making this post will notice him wobble a little. Just as the feed cuts back, Allen stumbles back and collapses. One might be able to catch him just in time if one acts fast enough.]

23 March 2013 @ 07:57 pm
[A new face the network's seen at least once before appears on the screen. He's wet, like many other people using the network right now, and also looks pretty pissed. Other than that, he looks to be fairly okay- eh, well, he doesn't look horribly injured, at least.]

...From what people were telling me when I first got here, I was fucking expecting explosions, horrible medical experiments, monsters, and other stupid shit like that. And so far all that's happened is this god awful weather? What the hell. I don't wanna say some of you were jerking me around 'cause I still haven't been here long...but...this is kinda...disappointing.

[Yata's the type that likes a challenge and rushes headfirst into everything. Even when things look bad he's not the type to give up. It's almost as if he feels he's been underestimated and is personally insulted by it.]
10 March 2013 @ 02:57 pm
[A rather young looking redhead appears on the screen, looking extremely annoyed. Well, he's usually annoyed, but people watching most likely don't know that because he's new to the tower, assuming the people here are strangers. ]

"So...they bring us here and tell us our world has been destroyed and saved us. Yeah, okay, maybe that's a possibility... (after all, hadn't Mikoto-san's power been going out of control when he and that shitty monkey had been fighting the Black Dog? Not even he couldn't deny it then. Had Mikoto-san actually...done it?So what the hell do the people in this tower want with us?"

[He's talking very excitedly, and here he pauses to take a much needed breath

"How can we be sure it isn't the people of the Tower who destroyed our world? He bites his lip here, not wanting to admit that it was probably actually his hero that destroyed his world in his particular case) Yeah, I'm pretty sure some of you already wondered that. But I just got here and I want to know what the people already living here think..."
01 March 2013 @ 08:09 pm
[Heather is unfamiliar with the network and the image is shaky at first as she fumbles with the device. After a few seconds the picture settles down and reveals the girl's face, which displays an indifferent expression. There is quite a bit of confusion hiding behind the serene look that Heather is determined to keep to herself.]

Uh, hey. Can somebody tell me exactly what's going on here? All I know is that somebody brought me here and they're saying the world got blown up or something.

So what? We're just stuck here like this or... what's goin' on here?

[She looks uneasily down at the ground before returning her gaze to the screen]

So if anybody can tell me anything... yeah. That'd be awesome.
21 January 2013 @ 04:57 am
[ Sending a message over the network for the first time after three months of captivity feels awkward, even for a social butterfly like she's supposed to be. But even worse is the fact that she's got to do this after such a weird experience. Then again, this is the best way to catch up on everyone she knows in the Tower.

She can't even fake a smile in this situation. Cue a blue haired girl appearing on the feed, blue eyes nervously looking at the camera. ]

Hello... My name is Sayaka Maizono for those who don't know me. There are some of you who know me certainly, so if you see this, can you please get back to me and tell me if you're alright?

[ A pause, then a sigh. ] I don't really remember much about what I've done while being in that state. What about you guys? It was so weird, and... depressing, too. Does that mean we're going to stay in the Tower for that long of a time? It's scary to think about it.

[ That's not a good impression she's making. Not like it really matters... but then, she adds. ] What do you think these noises from down below are about? It's drilling pretty hard in the lower floors, especially the cafeteria.
[It has been quite a while since he had come onto the network like this. It seemed that the days had come together into one brief moment. He knew that something was off deep within his gut but he chose to ignore it. He moves to click on the network feed and clears his throat before he begins to speak. His eyes are sunken and it appears as if sleep had been a last thought to him.]

I believe today marks the day of my 100th year here...no wait perhaps it is in nineties. It is hard to make sense of what is truth. I feel...the same as I had when I arrived. Here I thought age was supposed to change a person. While this holds some truth to it I am not sure if this tower has provided anything of value. Though it is only be expected when you consider just what is associated with this tower. I must say it is fortunate that I am not in the ground. That my age has not caught up with me. This I can conclude is probably due to the tower or simply that death will be soon upon me and my hopes, whats left of them, still remain.

I do not fear it. Death has been a constant visitor during my time here. Maybe it is best that it will come for me. I have not accomplished much during my stay here and given my future was only death, if I had returned home, perhaps it is to be. Considering such a situation, I feel as if hope is lost...my time has been useless within this tower. I could not come to protect those around me, or provide new hope for my friends and those who wished to follow my word. If it is to be and death is to be a visitor tonight, then I wish you well. If not I will continue to do what I can to assist you, even if you intend to detour it. I suppose it might be a miracle to some that a mutant has lived this long...heh what a load of hoofbeast shit. I was destined to die, never meant to be. I have always known this and chose to ignore it.

Nothing but words pour from my mouth and yet no one listens. It all ended in failure, here and back on Alternia. I.... I'm not sure what to do anymore.

[Any expression he had drops and slowly he turns his head away from the camera. Brows lowered and his frown was trapped in permanent doubt. ]

I am sorry for all of you.... Thank you for listening.

[With that he clicks off the feed for now, wishing to stare at the absence in the screen. Becoming lost within it.]
07 December 2012 @ 09:27 pm
Three creepiest people in the tower. Go.
05 December 2012 @ 12:52 pm
why is it so cold?

there aren't enough blankets

is it going to get colder>?

we're going to get sick

make sure you keep your hands warm everyone

don't get frostbite

[Now he's going to just. Go and try to wrap himself in whatever material he can find that's decently warm.]
04 December 2012 @ 06:57 pm
[ the cold doesn't affect him, so seeing him standing there, with his bare arms and not shivering should make a few wonder about what's in his veins. he also looks a little amused about something. ]

Looks like we're going on a diet again. If you want any protein, I'm gonna go hunting in a couple hours. Meat should keep pretty good in this weather so long as it's covered up, so I can get enough to go around.

Reno. That stuff is done brewing. It should keep you warm.
04 December 2012 @ 08:07 am
[Mami has never used the terminals before - ever. But she feels she needs to now, in the wake of...everything.]

This thing is workin', isn' it? Aye, well - Ah admit Ah'm no good wi' these things...but tha's no' what this be abou'.

[She clears her throat, briefly.]

Me name's Mami, and Ah've been workin' on farmin' here since Ah arrived. Now min', that giant critter what came by a while ago ruined some o' it, but the point be tha' some o' the crops 'ave come in by now. Ah'm jus' one person, an' the farm was no' so big, but Ah reckon - Ah reckon it migh' 'elp those wha' need it, jus' a bit.

All Ah'm askin' is tha' ye return what seeds ye can from the crops t' me, so's Ah can plant 'em for the next harvest.

...Reckon the only fair way o' doin' this is firs' come firs' serve, an' the crops're on the thirty-third floor. Thank ye for yer time, an' Ah'm only sorry Ah could no' grow more of 'em.

[ooc: Mami will be replying, but if you reply in text she'll just be confused, as she is mostly illiterate, so please keep this in mind. Thank you! c:]
03 December 2012 @ 11:30 am
Is anyone else here significantly older chronologically then they appear physically? If so, how does it effect your life?
24 September 2012 @ 08:21 pm
This is probably weird, but can someone teach me self defense? I don't have any powers. I'm just a normal girl in high school. So I'd really like some help, so that I can at least reasonably defend myself.
17 September 2012 @ 09:30 pm
The world is destroyed, huh...

[ Battler is seen pacing around, a frown on his face before he grins ]

... Tch. Sorry, but I don't buy it one bit! They'd have to try a lo~ot harder than whatever they did to destroy where I'm from before they damaged it even a bit! If this is some kind of weird prank, then... well... I've been through a ton of screw up stuff, and this is nothing compared to what Beato or the other witches have put me through.

... Still. Don't tell me that with everyone here-- They've gotten the same letter. A joke gets pretty repetitive if its been told a ton of times, doesn't it?

But sure, I'll stick around for a little while. It's been a long time since I've played as an opponent in a Gameboard. Let's get the show on the road! I don't have all the time in the world to just play around with some monsters. I've got one last story I need to weave. So, I'll play around for a little while and get back to my own fragment. A Gamemaster should bargain with their opponent, or even pieces a little, shouldn't they?
25 August 2012 @ 05:09 am
[It's about time she tried this thing out, so here she is sitting in the library.]

Heya! Thought I'd make a broadcast and here it is! This is the United States of America speaking. Crazy I know, I bet you're all like, "Oh shit, she's so awesome!" Don't worry if you can't handle how great I am, that's totally natural and everything.

[SHE CLAPS her hands together once and rubs them together in apparent anticipation.] Now that I'm here, these Tower dudes really have it comin'. See, I'm gonna get you guys outta here. Don't know how, where or when, but I promise! [slams a fist into her palm with a firm nod, determination glittering in her eyes.]

Between now and whenever the hell that is, let's get to know each other! You got that part about me being America, which is totally like... the best part, and also that I'm fuckin' awesome. Yeah that's right, I'm the U.S. of A. Comin' right atcha from...

[she looks around]

Uh. This library. [A pout. Which immediately disappears, because she's back to smiling again.]

Whatev, whatev. [Who could ever tell she's looking for information? Really looking, actually. It's a ruse.

... It's a ruse, and she really is showing everyone how fabulous she is. And don't you forget it.]

Peace out homies, and stay frosty!~ [she points at the screen and mock-shoots it with her finger, and with a wink from Amelia, the broadcast ends.]
13 August 2012 @ 04:49 pm
It is has come to my attention that there was some large sea beast exploding and crashing into the tower.
There is a lot of commotion going on, while that is the most obivous statment of this sweep, please I want to make sure you are all right.
Anyone, but specifically Disciple and my Lusus.
Where are you located and are you safe? I will be hiding in safety until I find it necessary to move about once more.
Please respond as soon as you can.
17 May 2012 @ 09:02 pm
[ Hello, Tower! Have an out of breath freaked out teenager with blue hair. From the sound of it, he's just outrun something and raced to the terminal.

Yes, it's Minato, and he is looking rather... ruffled. ]

Ah... excuse me, I have a question.

[ He takes a moment to catch his breath off-screen, because from the sounds of it, he's a bit freaked out. ]

Has anyone else encountered a large, white spider roaming the floors?